What to Look for in an Aesthetics Treatment Provider

What to Look for in an Aesthetics Treatment Provider

There are an awful lot of aesthetic treatment providers out there claiming to be the best. With so many listings, it can be difficult to know which is the right match for you and your aesthetic needs. To better navigate the online directories and get your search on the right track, consider the following factors when looking for the best aesthetics treatment provider for even the newest treatment trends.

Qualifications and Licenses

First things first, if a license is required to practice non-surgical aesthetic medicine in your country, state, province, or city, be sure your treatment provider has one and, if needed, can prove it. Oftentimes, treatment providers will have their credentials—whether that’s a diploma, certificate, or license—hanging in their waiting room, consultation room, or office. If you don’t see one and you’re wary of taking their word alone, feel free to ask to see it. An experienced treatment provider will understand your concern and your right to proof, and will happily provide it, or at least provide a detailed answer and proof of their qualifications if a license is not required in your area. Further, feel free to ask where they went to school or received their training, particularly for the treatment you’ll be seeking, to better understand their background and build trust. They should be happy to talk about all of these details with you; if they seem to avoid answering without explanation, this could be your first red flag.

A Good Track Record for “Specialists”

It’s always best to seek out someone who specializes in the area of aesthetic treatments you’re interested in and it’s even better if they have a long track record of stunning results with a particular device. However, it’s also important to vet “specialists” to determine if they are the real deal. Those who claim to specialize in your aesthetic treatment or in a general area of aesthetics should be able to prove it. First off, they should be able to explain both the treatment and technology in detail and will make the explanation specific to your unique goals. Don’t fall for a general description, particularly if it’s riddled with clichés and turns of phrase that may just be masking their lack of knowledge. For example, you might think your cellulite is easy to treat and you’re set on one modality, but your specialist will know that not all fat is the same and they can better recommend the proper treatment plan for you. You want someone who knows this and can speak your language while properly explaining what is supposed to be their specialty.  

Secondly, ask to see some examples of results from past patients. The before-and-after photos they produce should include examples specific to the treatment plan and area you are considering. As a general guideline, five sets of before-and-after pictures that are similar to your requests may be adequate to trust a specialist, but it may also be beneficial to consider skin type, particularly for those with darker skin tones. If you don’t feel the provider has offered an adequate number of examples to make you feel confident in their abilities, it may be best to consider an alternative treatment provider.

They Take the Time to Answer

If it’s your first time committing to an aesthetic treatment or even your first time visiting a new clinic, your treatment provider and their team should expect you to have plenty of questions and should book in adequate time during your initial consultation appointment to be able to answer them all with patience and without rushing you. Likewise, they should offer you a phone number or email address to contact them should any questions arise following your consult. If you find they’re rushing you or their answers to your questions seem dismissive, push for a more comprehensive answer. If they continue to respond with an answer you feel is incomplete or rushed, they may not be the right choice for you. Always ensure all of your questions are answered prior to committing to any treatment plan.

Reasonable Results

During your initial consultation, ask your prospective treatment provider to explain what the treatment will specifically offer to you, how it will meet your discussed target aesthetic goals, and the overall outcome alongside any notes regarding maintenance. Generally speaking, you’ll want to know whether your provider bends more toward natural-looking results or significant transformations. In any case, you want to look for a provider who can match your goals but without promising unrealistic results. The best sign is when the treatment provider says they will make you look like a “refreshed” version of yourself, or the like. It’s a red flag if they overcompensate, especially if they mention a celebrity name. Your provider should also note follow-up maintenance sessions and a recommended routine to maintain your results. It’s another red flag if they suggest results will last a lifetime, as some maintenance is to be expected.

Some Red Flags for Aesthetic Treatment Providers

In addition to the above tips, consider the following immediate red flags and continue your treatment provider search: 

  1. They recommend a treatment plan prior to a consultation. In the aesthetic field, this is unsafe and may be a sign that they don’t care much about your goals or the end results.

  2. You feel uncomfortable by the end of your consultation. Trust your intuition. If you’re uncomfortable, walk away. Don’t take the risk, even if you did pay a fee for the consultation. It’s best to leave the money behind than work with a provider that’s not the perfect fit for you and your goals.

  3. They pressure you to start your first treatment immediately. While it’s not strange for a provider to consider starting the treatment plan with a test patch or simply recommending a new at-home skin care routine, those who want to plunge right into the first treatment should not be trusted, particularly because they won’t know yet how your skin may react, especially when using energy-based treatment devices.

  4. They guarantee exact results. Everyone’s skin is different, making your aesthetic needs and outcomes different as well. They might come close to what you see in the before-and-after pictures, but responsible providers will also note that results may vary.

  5. They have terrible reviews. Place value in word of mouth and read online reviews of both the practitioner and the technology being used. If what you’re hearing is overwhelmingly negative, it’s best to move on and choose another provider.

  6. They offer constant promotional discounts. While some promotions are simply seasonal and a way to boost business during slow times, ongoing discounts that seem too good to be true could be a sign that the clinic is cutting corners, whether that’s in not updating their technology or offering accelerated treatments that save them time but don’t offer you safe or effective treatments.

  7. The treatment provider doesn’t show up during your consultation. All established clinics know that the best way to earn patient trust is to ensure the person doing the treatment is present during the consultation to answer any questions and ensure the patient is a right match. Any clinic that skips this step is likely overbooked or unconcerned with ensuring a good provider-patient relationship. Either way, they won’t be able to offer you the level of service you want or need, so keep searching.

  8. They dismiss the need for a follow-up. Clinics that say a follow-up appointment following your last treatment is unnecessary are unlikely to offer the comprehensive support needed to ensure you are happy with your treatments. If they say they don’t do follow-ups or they don’t have a person you can contact if anything goes awry during your treatment plan, it may be best to avoid them.

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