What Is Skin Hydration and Why Is It So Important?

What Is Skin Hydration and Why Is It So Important?

Our skin is the body’s main defense against external factors like pollutants, micro-organisms, and UV rays. It takes a lot of the beating for us, so we need to maintain it properly. In order for our skin to effectively reflect and release toxins and other harmful elements, we need to focus on improving and maintaining skin hydration, which is key to maintaining skin’s strength and structure. Discover the importance of proper skin hydration and how to effectively support skin’s moisture levels for firmer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

The Importance of Proper Skin Hydration

Lipids, which are an essential component of living cells, are present in multiple ways within the skin and play a large role in supporting skin hydration. In the outer layer of skin—called the stratum corneum, skin barrier, or lipid barrier due to the large concentration of skin lipids in this layer—lipids appear in a stacked structure that act as a kind of glue to trap in water molecules and natural oils for optimal skin hydration, softness, and elasticity. In the deeper layers of the skin, lipids also support skin hydration in the form of free fatty acids and cholesterol, as well as sebum, which is the oil produced by skin’s sebaceous glands to naturally maintain skin’s moisture levels. Lipid production naturally decreases with age, leading to losses in skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness, particularly after we reach 40.

How to Support Skin Hydration

While lipid production will still naturally decline over time, there are ways to help support lipid function and boost overall skin hydration. Consider trying one of these skin hydration-boosting solutions.


Add skin care products containing humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerin to your anti-aging skin care routine as early as your 20s. These ingredients work to attract moisture from the humidity in the air to your skin and lock it in for a hydration boost. For those who live in less humid climates, use humectants alongside a humidifier or opt for humectant-based skin care immediately following a warm shower and paired with an anti-aging moisturizer to lock in water molecules and boost lipid function.


While the impact of water consumption on skin health may be contested, boosting regular water intake for those who often opt for coffee over H2O has been proven to effectively boost skin hydration levels, particularly so in facial skin with one study finding that an increase in water intake can boost skin hydration as effectively as a topical moisturizer in both surface and deep hydration levels. As well, water promotes cardiovascular health. When your body’s overall hydration levels are low, blood circulation wanes and cells receive less oxygen. Skin cells that lack oxygen appear dull, ruddy, and rough, as wrinkles and fine lines become emphasized. Ensuring you drink enough water daily or simply boosting your water intake can have a positive impact on lipid health, especially when combined with an adequate anti-aging skin care routine.

Meditation and Hyaluronic Acid

Too much stress can lead to a consistent spike in the stress hormone, cortisol, which can have a dulling, dehydrating effect on skin health while also impacting sleep quality and compromising skin’s lipid barrier via a decline in hyaluronic acid production. Ongoing stress can lead to a decrease in your skin’s ability to retain moisture, resulting in a dull, dry complexion. To fight back against stress, try incorporating meditation into your regular schedule, particularly before bedtime, to slow the mind, reduce tension, and get a restoring good night’s rest. Additionally, a serum or moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid can help to recoup skin’s moisture levels and assist dermal lipids in getting your skin’s hydration level back in order.

Limit Exposure to Dehydrating Elements

Dry air, harsh wind, pollutants both indoors and outdoors, sun exposure, hot water, alcohol, a poor diet, and harsh soaps are just some of the regular elements that challenge the strength of your lipid barrier daily. While you can’t expect to completely avoid all of these elements, taking precautions when possible—such as bundling up with a wide scarf to protect against wind and dry air or adding a humidifier to your bedroom to supercharge your beauty sleep—can help relieve some of the damage your lipid barrier has to encounter. Likewise, switching up a diet that counts calories for one that counts nutrients like healthy fatty acids can help to boost skin’s hydration levels from the inside out. Start by trying flaxseed or borage oil supplements, which have been proven to support skin moisture and improve skin texture, and move on to incorporating healthier foods as you go.    

A Fast Fix for Dehydrated Skin

While the above anti-aging skin care solutions will certainly help to support lipid function over time, there may be a faster fix: facial rejuvenation treatments followed up with moisture-boosting skin care.

Facial rejuvenation treatments by Venus Glow™ utilize a vacuum, rotating tip, and ultra-fine jet streams of purified water that work simultaneously to open up pores and remove impurities, such as daily dirt and debris, dry or dead skin cells, and excess sebum. In addition to deep-cleaning pores, the facial rejuvenation treatments also work to increase local micro-blood circulation and enhance the spread of nutrients released from the bloodstream, counteracting the decrease in oxygen delivered to skin cells when the body is lacking in hydration and resulting in highly rejuvenated skin. As a result, dermal rejuvenation treatments help to brighten dull skin, improve uneven skin tone, boost skin elasticity, remove impurities, and control oily skin, all while moisturizing dehydrated skin and perfectly prepping skin for and enhancing the effectiveness of your anti-aging skin care products. The overall result is an instantly rejuvenated complexion with a natural, healthy-looking glow.

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