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Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries may be the most common in sports, but they certainly don't affect athletes alone. These injuries can occur while at work, during a fender bender, in a slip-and-fall, and even while carrying out day-to-day activities. Soft tissue injuries strike when muscles, ligaments, or joints are damaged through some kind of trauma, be it direct (such as whiplash) or indirect (such as repeated strain on a muscle). Regardless of how they occur, the pain and restricted movement you're left with can have a significant impact on your quality of life. What if there was a way that you could accelerate the healing process and get back to normal fast?

Venus Concept has taken three therapeutic modes of action, each proven in their own right to effectively target soft tissue injuries and conditions, and combined them into one powerful treatment that works faster than traditional modalities. Whether used alone or as part of a holistic treatment plan with other therapies, these quick and comfortable treatments are the missing piece you need to go back to feeling your best.

Soft tissue injuries devices

Venus Concept's treatments for soft tissue injuries and conditions are powered by RP3 technology, which combines the healing power of deep and targeted tissue heating, pulsed magnetic energy, and massage to relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve local blood circulation, relax muscles, and increase range of motion. Venus Heal™ soft tissue injury treatments* work faster than conventional methods, so you can you get back to your usual routine as soon as possible.


  • Quick treatments averaging only 10 minutes
  • Can be combined with other therapies
  • Fewer treatment sessions may be needed
  • Pain relief may be noticeable after just one treatment

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your soft tissue injuries treatment.


If you’re getting a treatment done for a soft tissue injury or condition, your care provider will likely be using Venus Heal™.

The best candidate is someone who requires treatment of a soft tissue injury or condition, such as neck/shoulder/back pain, aching wrists, leg or foot pain, repetitive strain and overuse injuries, strained muscles, tennis elbow, or Jumper’s knee, to name afew. This treatment is ideal for soft tissue injuries and conditions where a thermal modality (deep heat), pulsed magnetic energy, and/or massage is recommended.

For safety reasons, you may not be able to get this treatment if you have/are:

  • Active inflammation and/or infection in the treatment area
  • Current or history of cancer
  • A degenerative neurologic disease or any other disease around the treatment area that’s triggered by heat (e.g. herpes)
  • Any hematological disease
  • History of thrombophlebitis
  • Chronic medication of corticosteroids or beta-blockers
  • Anyactive implant in the body (e.g. internal defibrillator, pacemaker, etc.)
  • Any passive implants, excluding dental, in the treatment area (e.g. metal or silicone implants, injections, etc.)
  • Uncontrolled thyroid gland disorder
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnant or are undergoing an IVF procedure
  • Skin-related autoimmune diseases

This soft tissue injuries treatment can help you recover faster. It works by delivering deep, targeted, uniform heat with applicators that massage the area and simultaneously providethe healing power of pulsed magnetic energy. These three modalities together can help relieve pain and increase range of motion so you can get back to your routine faster.

Yes. The technology behind this soft tissue injuries treatment is composed of three different modes of action: Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), and massage. Massage is a manual technique that is often included in treatment plans for soft tissue injuries. The two energy-based components, RF and PEMF, are also completely safe. Glycerin-based Glide gel is applied to the skin as the conductive medium, keeping skin protected from the heat.

Venus Heal™ does not have its own billing code. We cannot guarantee reimbursement for a Venus Concept treatment. Depending on your provider or insurance carrier, our clinic may be able to call or submit an estimate to your insurance company so you will know if this treatment is eligible for reimbursement before your treatment(s) begin.


RF, PEMF, and massage—the three modes of action behind this treatment—have been used individually for many, many years to safely treat various injuries. However, Venus Heal™ is the first device of its kind to combine all three in one treatment. The real innovation is in the RF delivery system—using PEMF, the applicators deliver the thermal energy (heat) in a very targeted, deep, and uniform fashion, something that no other device can do. With the added healing benefit of massage, Venus Heal™ truly is a unique option soft tissue injuries treatment.

Absolutely. Exact treatment times will vary depending on the patient and the nature of the injury or condition, but a single session typically takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

Most patients will receive 4-6 treatment sessions in order to experience the most effective results. The exact number of treatments will depend on each individual person and the area being treated. Keep in mind that although you may notice a significant improvement after one session, these results may lessen without subsequent treatments. This is why we advise that you complete the full treatment plan as recommended by your care provider.

It depends on what treatment parameters are being used. It is not recommended to use the RF (deep heating) mode every day—there should be at least 24 to 48 hours between these treatment sessions so that the injured tissue has time to repair itself. However, PEMF and massage modes (with no RF) can be used daily if needed.

Just make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions or creams before your soft tissue injury treatment, and remove all jewelry around the area. You may want to wear loose-fitting clothing around the treatment area if possible, as your skin may feel warm to the touch afterward. Depending on the parameters of your treatment plan, your provider will let you know if there is anything else you need to do before your session.


It depends on the size and depth of the treatment area. If it is a large area, the treatment can take 10-15 minutes. If it is a small area, 5-10 minutes may suffice. Note that these treatment times pertain only to treatments with Venus Heal™ and do not include any other combined therapies.

This soft tissue injuries treatment is very comfortable. If you’re using the RF mode, you will feel the applicator slowly getting warmer as the treatment provider moves around the affected area. You will feel the deep heating effect, along with the therapeutic massage component of the treatment. In fact, Venus Heal™ often makes other fascial treatments less painful if used prior. It also feels less painful to stretch the affected area after it has been treated with the heat.

Most people feel their pain is reduced after one treatment. Increased range of motion and relief of muscle spasms may also be noticed after one treatment. However, these results may not last unless you follow-up with additional treatments that help encourage the injured area to heal over time. Your care provider will put together the appropriate treatment plan for you.

It depends on the parameters of your soft tissue injuries treatment plan. Your care provider will be able to advise you on specific follow-up instructions pertaining to your individual injury or condition. Loose-fitting clothing around the area treated is usually recommended.

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*Venus Heal™ is licensed by Health Canada and can be used for the treatment of both acute and chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscle spasms, back pain, and soft tissue injuries, and results in effects such as pain relief, myorelaxation, increase of local blood circulation, and edema reduction. In the U.S., Venus Heal™ is cleared by the FDA for the relief of minor muscle aches and pain, relief of muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation. These indications enable the treatment of certain soft tissue injuries and conditions.

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