5 Beauty Treatments Perfect for Winter

5 Beauty Treatments Perfect for Winter

There’s nothing like a relaxing beauty treatment. Whether it’s to warm yourself up, gift a friend a luxurious experience, or to show your own skin a little extra TLC from the aging effects of dry air, comfortable treatments are always welcome in cold weather.

The following five beauty treatments are the perfect winter retreats—if only for a moment. And as an added bonus, each treatment offers its own anti-aging benefits!

1. Hot Stone Massage

Relax tense muscles and warm up with a relaxing, luxurious hot stone massage. Using heated river stones, the masseuse moves stones across the skin to soothe aching muscles, targeting tension spots to release and relax. This tension-relieving treatment boosts blood flow and reduces cortisol levels, meaning less of that nasty stress that could be contributing to premature signs of aging or problematic skin. Expect a good night’s sleep, too!

2. Paraffin Wax Treatment

Cold winter air and dry indoor heating can be an all-round nightmare for hands and nails. This is a tough time for our hands—they’re exposed to dry air, and are often being washed more than usual in an effort to stave off any flu or cold bugs. Our digits could use a helping hand! For smoother, softer skin and stronger nails, treat hands to a paraffin wax treatment on their next mani date. The warm thermotherapy wax treatment encourages blood flow, which boosts nail strength and collagen production for smooth, younger-looking hands. The treatment also removes dead skin cells when peeled to reveal smooth, healthy skin.

3. Full-Body Wrap

Warm up and relax with a full-body mud or seaweed wrap—or better yet, indulge in a chocolate truffle wrap. Touting plenty of antioxidants, these treatments have a host of benefits, including working to detoxify skin, encourage blood flow, and reduce the appearance of most visible signs of aging. What could be better than reversing the aging clock while being cocooned in a warm, indulgent chocolate wrap?

4. Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatment

The winter months are the mortal enemy of long tresses. Unless hair is fully protected from the damaging effects of cold, dry winter winds, then it tends to become frizzy and brittle, effectively aging its appearance overnight! Ensure that your locks are getting the benefit of specialized, anti-aging treatment, and book an in-salon deep conditioning hair treatment to fend off the static. These treatments often contain liquid keratin, a protein that binds to each strand to smoothen and repair damage, shaft by shaft, resulting in smoother, healthier, younger-looking locks.

5. Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Treatments

Why treat skin to just one day of luxury? Enjoy better, long-lasting results, and treat yourself to even more relaxation time with a series of warm and calming radio frequency anti-aging treatments. These treatments use patented technology to produce uniform heat below the skin’s surface, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. The result: smoother, firmer-looking skin, and that feeling of total relaxation.

To book your consultation for a customized radio frequency anti-aging treatment plan this winter, locate a certified provider near you.

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