10 Skin Care Mistakes That Cause Premature Aging

10 Skin Care Mistakes That Cause Premature Aging

We might have the best intentions when it comes to our anti-aging skin care regimen. But when it comes to restoring that youthful glow, the details are everything. These 10 anti-aging skin care tricks are often overlooked, and they might be the real culprit behind those premature fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin. Don’t worry, we’ll get you back on the right track with these tips!

1. Going Sans Sunscreen

Hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles, and rough skin are classic signs of excess sun exposure. Going without sunscreen exposes skin to the drying and damaging effects of the sun’s rays year-round, regardless of weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to always apply sunscreen, even in the colder months. Don’t just opt for any sunscreen, though. Mineral sunscreens or sun-blocking creams containing zinc will deliver the best results—and remember to reapply often!

2. Not Washing Off the Day…

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—remove all makeup before bed! In fact, the sooner you cleanse your face after a day out, the better. Pollution can easily embed free radicals in the skin’s surface, wherever skin is exposed. Free radicals disrupt the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, so taking these free radicals to bed with us can contribute to fine lines and premature wrinkles. Leaving on makeup will clog your pores, making it impossible for the skin to recover from the day, so be sure to wash it all off.

3. …And Forgetting to Wash Off the Night

Proper cleansing is all about balance. While over-cleansing can disrupt the skin’s natural balance, it’s important not to skip your morning cleanse. Overnight, skin purges and restores itself from all the impurities it encountered the day before. Neglecting a morning cleansing routine means build-up on the skin’s surface, leading to premature aging and a dull complexion.

4. Touching Up Makeup During the Day

Remember those pollutants we mentioned? Touching up makeup, such as foundation, concealer, or powder, throughout the day can actually push those pollutants further into pores, leading to blemishes and deeper damage—especially if isn’t removed at night. To avoid melting makeup or excessive shine, choose a foundation that can handle the summer heat, or apply a mattifying formula, and kick the need for midday touch-ups.

5. Ignoring Pollution

We can’t stress it enough: pollution is a nightmare for skin. Regular cleansing and cutting out midday makeup applications will help, but to really fend off free radical damage, use serums or moisturizers that are rich in antioxidants. These help to neutralize the effects of free radicals, and defend the skin’s youthful glow until cleansing time.

6. Switching Up Your Routine

While it might be frustrating to use that new anti-aging moisturizer and not see immediate results, patience is key. The skin’s natural cycle is 30 days long, so use new products for at least six weeks to see the effects once the new skin cells generate. If it’s an anti-aging product, give it four months to start working its magic on the skin’s natural collagen and elastin cycles.

7. Skipping Out on ZZZs

Your skin needs rest just as much as the rest of your body. Cutting into your bedtime can lead to increased stress hormones, a dull complexion, breakouts, and even dehydrated skin, resulting in premature fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty sleep is real, so give skin the rest it needs.

8. Too Much Sugar

Excessive sugar is hardly sweet on your skin—and that goes beyond just sugary pastries or sweetened drinks (yes, even your morning lattes). Packaged foods, such as breads, soups, and sauces, also contain refined sugar, which produces enzymes that block collagen and elastin production. Occasional indulgences aren’t the end of the world, but a high sugar intake will contribute to premature fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin. Be sure to limit your daily sugar intake to 30 grams or less.

9. Neglecting the Other Two “Faces”

It may come as a surprise, but according to dermatologists, our actual face is just one of three “faces” on the body. The neck and décolleté area, as well as the hands, are often just as exposed to all the common aging elements as the face. The neck and décolleté should be treated to the same cleansing and skin care routine as the face to prevent premature aging. Your hands should be treated with regular moisturizing creams that contain antioxidants and SPF, to protect them from pollutants and UV exposure.

10. Loving the Heat

While heat often goes hand in hand with sun exposure, heat and humidity can contribute to signs of aging on their own. Heat and humidity from saunas, hot tubs, or showers can promote the production of an enzyme that blocks natural collagen and elastin production. This can result in solar elastosis, a condition that causes premature excessive wrinkling of the skin. To prevent damage due to heat, use cool to warm water when cleansing and limit time spent in saunas or other hot environments.

How to Minimize the Appearance of Existing Damage

Beyond correcting these common skin care mistakes to prevent further damage, what can be done to reverse the fine lines and wrinkles that have already formed?

Anti-aging serums or creams will help, but radio frequency (RF) anti-aging treatments can offer an added boost, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming up sagging skin. Safe for all skin tones, this non-surgical option uses RF technology to heat the deeper layer of skin below the surface and help promote increased collagen production—leading to smoother, firmer-looking skin.

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