Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Summer Body Now

Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Summer Body Now

Summer may seem a long way off, but winter’s cold months actually offer the best opportunity to successfully get that summer body you often rush to whip into shape once the warmer weather hits. Whether you’re concerned with weight loss or unwanted lumps and bumps, aesthetic goals take time. Consider the following reasons you should get a start on achieving your summer beauty goals now for less stress and a better chance at long-term success.

Cold Temps Can Kickstart Fat Burning

Frigid temperatures may make us reach for our woolies rather than a bikini, but there is a benefit to being cold. Turning the thermostat down just a couple degrees can tap into your body’s white fat stores to boost your fat-burning potential while cozying up on the couch or sleeping at night. This is because the body contains a few different types of fat, but brown fat and white fat come into play the most in this scenario. White fat acts as your body’s largest energy storage system, but too much white fat can lead to accumulation and, potentially, insulin resistance. Brown fat, on the other hand, is your body’s main source of temperature control. It’s responsible for energy that maintains the body’s temperature and is easier to burn in cooler climates. When the body runs low on brown fat, in order to maintain temperature, it taps into white fat stores, “beiging” them in the process to create more brown fat. So, while lowering your furnace setting this winter can help with this process, taking your workout outside could offer more significant results by tapping into the calorie-burning potential of cardio alongside the body’s natural fat-burning response to cooler climates.

Unfortunately, exposing the body to colder temperatures won’t help smoothen out all lumps and bumps. For those looking to target unwanted cellulite before summer starts, subcutaneous is the type of fat to focus on alongside strengthening skin’s fascia. Fascia is a webbing of collagen and elastic fibers that helps maintain smooth skin and keep muscles in their place, but it can weaken over time (often a result of estrogen). As a result, subcutaneous fat gets pushed up through the weakened fascia, leading to cellulite. For successful cellulite reduction, a treatment needs to do three things: target subcutaneous fat deposits, strengthen skin’s fascia by rebuilding collagen, and boost circulation for healthy skin. While some topicals may help target fat deposits, they are unable to effectively stimulate collagen production. In comparison, radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments hit the mark in all three factors. Delivering energy via an advanced multi-polar applicator, these treatments generate consistent and targeted heat below the skin’s surface to shrink fat cells while boosting circulation and collagen production. Most treatment plans will include six to eight sessions performed once a week, so start this winter to see results in time for summer.

Planning Ahead Can Save You Time and Money

The dead zone between the holidays and spring can be the perfect time to cross one never-ending item off your summer to-do list. Swap out shaving and waxing appointments this summer with a custom Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or laser hair removal treatment plan this winter. Utilizing light or laser energy, these treatments target and destroy hair follicles for permanent hair growth reduction. Note that while hair’s growth cycle includes three different phases, hair removal treatments are only effective on follicles in the anagen (growth) phase. In any one area, separate hair follicles can be in any of the growth phases at the same time. For this reason, a customized hair removal treatment plan requires multiple treatment sessions each spread approximately four weeks apart to effectively target all hair follicles. Although you’ll need to schedule multiple appointments up front, the end result will be reduced hair growth and much more free time in the summer without worry over unwanted hair growth. 

IPL and laser hair removal may also be a cost-saving move. While the average per-session cost of shaving and waxing may seem manageable, over a lifetime, the totals really add up. For example, a $60 waxing bill can add up to $1,040 each year—and that’s before taxes and tips.  Custom hair removal treatments may be a higher cost per session to start, but the total is reduced with long-term hair growth reduction. Even if maintenance treatments are needed every now and then, the overall cost-savings can be well worth it the earlier you commit.

Fewer Stressors for You and Your Body

Attempting rapid weight loss to accomplish a slimmer summer physique can be destructive to your body, causing undue stress on the cardiovascular system and potentially risking greater weight gain once your summer body fitness blitz is through. Instead of pushing your body to achieve a weight loss goal in just a few short weeks, incorporate a gradual weight loss program. Cut processed items from your diet; focus instead on delicious whole foods that support weight loss and require more from your metabolic system to break down, leading to more calories burned. When it comes to working out, finding a fitness plan that interests you or incorporates your partner makes you more likely to commit to a healthier lifestyle. It also helps you not only lose the weight but also keep it off, so you’re not stressing over crunch time come spring. Instead, you’re ready to hit the beach or head out for a tropical vacation any time of the year.

Having said that, diet and exercise alone won’t work for everyone. Nutritious meals and regular movement are a solid foundation for any weight loss plan, but everyone eventually hits a weight loss plateau that may not be passable for some without a little boost. For those struggling with the last couple pounds or wanting to kickstart your weight loss goals, consider a custom radio frequency-based body shaping treatment plan. These treatments deliver radio frequency energy deep below skin’s surface where it is converted to heat and shrinks fat cells for a smoother, firmer-looking silhouette. Treatments can be customized depending on your unique weight loss goals and can be the ideal way to target stubborn fat on the thighs for women or the abdomen for men. Remember, however, that with most non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments, results can be impressive and natural-looking, but they take time to achieve. Getting started on your custom weight loss treatment plan this winter offers the best chance to achieve your optimal results by summer without any rush.

Greater Chance of Sustained Success

Finally, the top reason you should start thinking about your summer body now is because you should stop seeing it as a summer body altogether. Frantically working to lose weight, cut cellulite, or banish unwanted hair growth just weeks before will make it harder (and more stressful) to hit those goals. Regularly treating your body to nutritious food, establishing an exercise routine you actually enjoy, finding complementary ways to achieve your goals, and remembering that every single body is different and requires a customized plan is the best holistic approach to achieving the summer body you’ve always wanted. In other words, create your own best version of yourself and keep it going year-round. 

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