4 Fitness and Aesthetic Tips for Long, Lean Legs

4 Fitness and Aesthetic Tips for Long, Lean Legs

Reaching our unique workout and beauty goals can be tough—and at times, near impossible— with exercise or dieting alone. This rings particularly true for women, with at least four more factors stacked against females in their weight loss efforts compared to men, including higher levels of hormones linked to increase fat storage and higher rates of depression leading to weight gain. If strong, lean, long legs are on your list of body goals, you don’t have to rely solely on biology to achieve them. See our following four fitness and aesthetic tips to achieve the smoother, leaner, longer-looking legs you’ve always wanted.

Focus on Endurance in Fitness

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one way to kick fat fast, but if we look for inspiration from long-distance runners, endurance training may be the best option to fake longer legs. While height can be influenced during growth spurts, there is, of course, no way to lengthen the legs without a physical boost from a heeled shoe once beyond our 20s. However, cutting down on the bulk in core muscle groups in the legs while burning fat can offer the appearance of longer legs by leaning out particular areas. This is a result of the body running out of glycogen and fat stores, resulting in the body seeking out protein to fuel a long-distance run. This protein is sourced from the muscles, which can lead to some muscle degradation for a leaner look. Of course, it’s important to temper endurance workouts with adequate nutrition to sustain muscle health. Don’t strain yourself too hard for your first few runs; build up distance gradually and eventually aim for an average distance of eight miles at least three times per week. For those who aren’t a fan of running, long-distance cycling, swimming, or hikes may do the trick as well.

Include Proper Strength Training

While this tip may sit in sharp contrast to our emphasis on endurance, strength training is still important to maintain a leaner leg. The key here is to focus on variety. Some of the top leg workouts only tend to target a particular area, such as the glutes, calves, or stubborn thigh fat. While these workouts are certainly a useful way to fend off some fat, other fats aren’t so easily burned off. By focusing in on a variety of strength-building exercises and keeping the weights used for each leg on the lighter side, you can build strength and endurance while avoiding bulk. Start by using just your bodyweight and very slowly and gradually add weight machines or free weights to the mix as strength increases. Always aim for more repetitions and lower weight with a variety of exercises that target the glutes, hamstrings, abductors (hip and leg), quadriceps, and calves. Consider a workout of burpees, calf raises, squats, lunges, and leg lifts as one option. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, seek out a fitness professional for a customized, well-rounded workout plan that hits all the core muscle groups in the legs.

Explore Body Shaping Treatments

Sometimes exercise just won’t cut it. For stubborn thigh fat that just won’t budge, non-surgical radio frequency (RF) body shaping treatments may be an effective solution. These body shaping treatments target the bad types of body fat to smoothen legs and reduce circumference. Powered by advanced radio frequency-based technology, energy is safely and effectively delivered deep below the skin's surface, where it shrinks targeted fat cells. These treatments also kickstart skin’s natural collagen production cycle, promoting improved skin texture and elasticity in the treatment area. When paired with a targeted fitness routine, stubborn fat on the legs and thighs is chipped away as legs gradually appear leaner, longer, and more defined.

Effectively Target Cellulite

While it might be possible to mask the appearance of cellulite with at-home DIY beauty treatments or muscle-building workouts, it’s impossible to eliminate those pesky lumps and bumps with exercise alone. This is because cellulite is a combination of accumulated subcutaneous fat, which is fat that accumulates between skin and muscles, and weakened fascia, which is the connective tissue responsible for keeping muscles in their place and skin looking smooth. A kind of webbing of collagen and elastin fibers, fascia breaks down over time, leading to “holes” in its structure. When muscles push subcutaneous fat against the fascia, fat begins to press through the fascia and against the skin’s surface, resulting in those signature lumps and bumps we all know.

For maximum effect in reducing the appearance of cellulite, consider radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments that work to reduce fat cell accumulation while helping to rebuild fascia’s strength and elasticity. Delivering energy deep below the skin’s surface via an advanced Multi-Polar RF applicator, these treatments generate consistent and targeted heat energy to shrink fat cells while boosting circulation, thereby promoting collagen production and the strengthening of damaged fascia for the overall appearance of smoother, leaner legs.

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