4 Ways To Stay Active At Home

4 Ways To Stay Active At Home

As the temperature starts to dip, we’re all facing a new challenge: how to stay active when we’re stuck at home. Since many of our regular recreational activities continue to be put on hold during these uncertain times, it’s time to get creative. It might seem daunting to stay active through the dark winter months, but luckily there are some great resources available for you to get your heart rate up and stay healthy at home. Here are five ways to stay active at home as the weather gets colder. 

Workout Videos

There are so many excellent exercise videos on the internet these days that if anything, it can be hard to choose which ones are right for you. There are videos and whole web series devoted to running, stretching, yoga, pilates, HIIT classes, weight lifting, and more. Youtube is a great place to start your search, since you’ll find the top-rated ones fast. For extra assurance, you can find plenty of channels run by gyms and professional athletes, as well as sports apparel companies like Lululemon. The great thing about having so many options is that no matter your athletic level, interest, and access to equipment, you’ll be able to find a video suited to you. And if you’re still not seeing results, here are 5 things you can do.  

Online Classes 

Other than exercise, there a ton of online classes available that will get you up and moving instead of stuck on the couch. Keeping your brain active is just as important as it is for the rest of your body, and learning a new language, a new hobby, or a new skill is a great way to do that. Popular sites for finding a broad range of subjects include MasterClassSkillshareLynda (an online learning platform through LinkedIn). There are also sites that specialize in certain kinds of classes, like Craftsy for crafts and Duolingo for languages. Let curiosity lead you to something new and exciting!

Dancing At Home

Breaking out the at-home disco party might be essential self care this winter. This is a great one because it’s just so easy: simply move your furniture out of the way, turn up your tunes, and work up a sweat dancing like nobody’s watching. If you’re socially distancing, you can still dance with friends by bringing a video conferencing platform into the mix—yes, Zoom dance parties are already a thing. This is also a good time to sign up for TikTok, where the perennial trend is learning new dance moves and posting them online. 

At-Home Gym

Nothing beats the convenience of having a few well-chosen pieces of exercise equipment at home when you feel like a workout. There is no end of variation to what your at-home gym could look like, and you’ll want to customize it based on your space, budget, and needs. These days, having a gym at home doesn’t need to be an eyesore, either; a lot of the latest bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines are designed to fit attractively into your decor. Of course, if you don’t want to commit to all that, here’s an amazing workout using stuff you already have lying around.

Meet Your Body Goals

Winter is a great opportunity to seek out aesthetic treatments so when warm weather returns, you can be confident in your appearance. Fat treatments use diode laser technology and radio frequencies to safely and comfortably reduce subcutaneous fat. This process eliminates unwanted excess fatty tissue by gently heating and breaking it down. The comfortable procedure is ideal for taking inches off stubborn areas like the abdomen and flanks. The radio frequency treatments also kickstart your body’s natural process of collagen and elastin production. The result is a visibly slimmer, smoother, and more sculpted appearance. 

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