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    About Carma Weight Loss

    Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror? Are your clothes trying to tell you something? Too tired or short of breath to keep up? How about that upcoming wedding or high school reunion? Want to look and feel your best?

    Patricia Bianchi, RN MSN, FNP

    Nurse Practitioner

    Patricia has over 20 years in the medical field with over 4 years focusing on weight management. Prior to that she specialized in family practice and cardiology. Our medical assistant Julie is dedicated to our patients and practice. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

    Our Mission

    At Carma Weight Loss we specialize in helping individuals reach their goal weight. Our patients are instructed in a low calorie diet as a way of achieving their desired weight loss. As your weight drops you will feel better and generally have more energy. Not only will you feel great and look great, you will also be healthier.

    Weight loss reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and certain types of cancers. If you already have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol you will typically find these issues improve with weight loss. Talk about health care reform!

    Caring professionals put in their time and effort into finding the healthiest research available on weight loss. We have very high expectations of the level of care and advice we provide to our patients. We understand that most of us have struggled to lose weight and that it can seem an impossible task.

    You can lose weight with the right help!


    I have tried a lot of diet plans and love this one. The staff is so helpful and gives lots of ideas on how to loose the weight safety. I especially like the weekly drop in, it helps me to be held accountable for my weight lose. The office is always very clean and cheery. I would recommend this program to everyone who really wants to loose weight but have a solid system that really works.Victoria M.
    I have followed the recommended program for two months now and have lost 25 pounds! The appointments are short and to the point. The nurse is very straightforward on the facts of phentermine, which I like. No gimmicks necessary. Recommend to those who are ready to make a change to a healthy lifestyle and need help to get started.Alexanda H.



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