Your Guide to Beauty All Year Round

Your Guide to Beauty All Year Round

Beauty trends may come and go with the seasons, but these beauty tips are tried and true. Discover a year-round beauty regimen that goes the distance, by taking a holistic approach instead of viewing beauty as a 10-step fix-it-and-forget-it routine.

30 Minutes of Up and at ‘Em

Getting regular exercise is the easiest way to boost your skin’s health and keep the body strong, lean, and better prepared to take on the stresses of everyday life. Just a half-hour of mid-level exercise each day—think a walk around the block, a quick yoga session, or swimming a few laps—can reduce stress by releasing healthy endorphins, undercutting the otherwise negative effects that stress has on our appearance. Anything that gets the heart pumping increases blood circulation, delivering a healthy amount of oxygen-rich blood to skin cells to support collagen and elastin production for firmer, younger-looking skin, while transporting away free radicals and other waste before the damage is done. Think of exercise as just as necessary a part of any daily beauty routine as an anti-aging moisturizer.

Is SPF in Your Beauty ABCs?

We’re big proponents of sunscreen. Whether you’re a fan of chemical sunblocks or those of the mineral-based variety, sun protection is always essential. Everyone needs to be sure to apply sunscreen each and every day to any skin that may be exposed to the sun, including ears, hands, the neck, and areas only covered by sheer fabrics (think swimsuit coverups), as ultraviolet (UV) rays can easily penetrate through these fabrics. For those wary of adding thick, pore-clogging creams to the face, there are plenty of mineral-based sunscreen options on the market that blend in well without the white residue, and tinted options that blend better for all skin tones, so there’s no excuse to skip sun protection. Talk to a dermatologist to find an effective formula that works best for skin’s specific needs.

Mani Maintenance

Hands are the oft-neglected “third face,” according to beauty gurus, with the neck and decollete being the first two. Skin on the hands may seem to be less sensitive than skin on the face, but it is just as susceptible to premature signs of aging. Regular manicures with a moisturizing paraben treatment can fend off wrinkles and brown spots, strengthen nails, and offer a stress-reducing ritual to any beauty routine. As for giving nails a break from polish, it’s a common misconception that nails need time to breath. Nails get all the oxygen and nutrients they need through blood circulation, so no need for nude nails for those who prefer color.

8 Solid Hours

Getting a complete eight hours of uninterrupted Zzzs may be a task in itself, particularly for those with kids, a busy lifestyle, or demanding careers. Add in the changes brought on by daylight saving time twice a year, and we’ve got an even bigger challenge on our hands. Regardless of the time of year, we all need our beauty sleep. The nighttime hours are when skin begins to recuperate from the day, yet 60% of us are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for collagen degradation. It also lowers the skin’s ability to produce human growth hormones (HGH), which are essential to cell turnover. The result: dehydrated, dull, older-looking skin. To work in some quality beauty sleep on the daily, consider sleeping aids, relaxing baths, or reintroducing a set bedtime.

What’s for Supper?

This is particularly true when it comes to sugar and hydration-depriving foods and drinks, like those high in grease, sodium, or caffeine. For sugar, the issue is glycation, a process in which sugar binds to proteins in the blood to create advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), which stunt collagen production and wreak havoc on the skin’s hydration levels. To reverse the effects of a previously sugar-rich diet, try adding collagen-promoting foods like sweet potatoes, fish, lean turkey, eggs, or tomatoes to each meal alongside antioxidant-rich dietary sources like avocados, spinach, almonds, and berries. Together, these delicious nutritional beauty superfoods promise shinier hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails. Consume at least one beauty-boosting meal each day and cut out sugar for an easy way to add a powerful punch to any beauty routine.

Forget Old-Fashioned Hair Removal

For those of us who consider razor burn, bikini line bumps, or awkward periods of hair regrowth to be a standard part of our beauty routines, it’s time to update our views on hair removal. Hair removal is a task we could all do away with, right? Well, that is exactly what our last tip is all about. Why make our beauty routine any more complicated and time-consuming than it needs to be? Cut out shaving, waxing, and messy depilatory creams from your already long list of beauty steps, and consider simplifying your routine year-round with intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser hair removal treatments. Utilizing advanced technology, these treatments target the hair follicles and stunt hair growth right at the root for permanent hair reduction.

To learn more about IPL or laser hair removal treatments, or to discover which may be the right option for you, contact a certified treatment provider today.

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