My most complimented accessory is no longer my designer handbag. It’s my skin.

My most complimented accessory is no longer my designer handbag. It’s my skin.

By: Julie Rusciolelli

At least twice a year, Spring and Fall, I would treat myself to a very expensive haute couture handbag for the coming season. It was a purchase that always made me feel good. Perhaps it was an ego thing, but I always felt that investing in high-quality accessories was good for the soul. I like the feeling of getting compliments on my evening clutch or day handbag, because it was like a reflection of my good taste and sense of style. I’m really not sure why it gave me such a thrill.  All I did was buy the darn purse, I didn’t make it!

But something happened recently. These days, I don’t get noticed as much for my fashionable accessories. Instead, I am getting compliments on my skin! That’s right, my skin. To be exact, it’s my face that is getting noticed by my friends, family, hairdresser, and even complete strangers.

Let me tell you why. For years, I would undergo the usual filler injections in the forehead and around the eyes and cheeks to see a moderate tightening and smoothing of the skin that would last a few months. The results were pretty good, but the shelf life is short and the product was not really treating my face as holistically as I wanted.

The fillers frankly did nothing for my complexion, uneven texture, enlarged pores, sun damage, or rosacea. Sure, my skin looked tighter, but they really didn’t give me that overall youthful glow that everyone is seeking. So, I sought to find a solution that would go deeper below the surface to really treat my skin and erase some of the damage that my face had developed over the years due to natural aging and sun.    

Enter, my hero: the Venus Treatment called TriBella™! As the name suggests, TriBella™, which is exclusive to the Venus Versa™ device, is a series of three distinct facial rejuvenation treatments performed over the course of 90 minutes. 

The clinical team at Venus Concept were superb, explaining each treatment I was about to undergo, what I would be feeling, the sensations I would experience, and what to expect afterward.

The first part of my TriBella™ treatment was the photofacial. This essentially involved an applicator with a bright light that felt warm to my skin with a little bit of a light snap as the technician moved it around my face. The second procedure was with an applicator called the DiamondPolar™ for wrinkle reduction, which felt quite comfortable and soothing. This part of the treatment was to smoothen out my skin, firm up areas that were starting to lose elasticity, and work deep into my wrinkles. The last step was a skin resurfacing treatment. This one felt like little tiny pins grazing across my face, including my nose, chin, and forehead. This last treatment was perhaps the most aggressive, but I wasn’t in any pain, just warm to the touch afterward. Downtime from all three procedures was next to nothing—I wore no makeup or creams on my face for 24 hours, and then it was back to normal.

I had four TriBella™ procedures performed over the course of six months. And the results? Drum roll… stupendous! 

From my pores being minimized to the rosacea around my nose gone, the treatments effectively tackled my most troublesome areas. But the best part of these treatments is the overall health and glow that has been restored to my face. I look younger. There is a brightness to my skin that I haven’t seen in years. I look in the mirror and like what I see.

Total facial rejuvenation is definitely possible and for me, it came from Venus Concept’s innovative TriBella™. 

I’ve now learned that my best accessory is my skin. I’ll be investing in that from now on.

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