Are You a Candidate for Fat Treatments?

Are You a Candidate for Fat Treatments?

Wondering if a fat treatment is right for you? There are a few basic contraindications that may just rule you out for a particular treatment, but there are also some notes that make a candidate especially suited for a fat treatment plan that offers optimal results. Take note of these factors below to see if you are a good candidate for non-surgical fat treatments.

Top 6 Factors That Make You an Ideal Candidate for Fat Treatments

You’re Not on a Tight Deadline

Non-surgical fat treatments take time to generate optimal results. While every patient is unique with their needs, some patients may be able to achieve their goals in one treatment session while others may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired outcomes. While a certified provider will be your best resource in determining the right course of fat treatments for you, it’s important to note that optimal results typically develop three to six months after the completion of your customized plan. For these reasons, it’s best to opt for non-surgical fat treatments as a general solution rather than a quick fix before a looming deadline.

You Have an Average BMI

Non-surgical fat treatments may sound like a quick fix for excess fat, but they aren’t well suited for treating just any type of fat. An ideal candidate for a course of non-surgical fat treatments has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less. You can calculate your approximate BMI by inputting your height and weight in a BMI calculator, such as that available through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website. According to the NIH, someone of normal weight falls within a BMI range of 18.5–24.9, while a BMI of under 30 falls within the overweight (but not obese) range. Further still, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that ideal candidates are within 30% of their desired body weight for improved targeting of fat cells within defined problem areas.

You Want to Target a Particular Pocket of Stubborn Fat

Generally speaking, ideal candidates for any medical aesthetic treatment should have a fairly strong self-image. Though there may be one or two small tweaks a candidate would like to make to their body, their overall self-image should be positive and well-grounded. In the case of fat treatments, candidates should aim to treat specific stubborn pockets of fat on typical problematic areas, such as along the abdomen or thighs. While treatments are common across genders, female patients may be more likely to opt for fat treatments simply due to the fact that hormones, enzymes, and other factors typically stack the weight loss odds against us. Non-surgical fat treatments tend to be less aggressive than surgical options. Diode laser fat treatments like Venus Bliss™ can break down and destroy fat cells through the delivery of heat energy in a process known as lipolysis. While the patient benefits from a more comfortable procedure and little to no downtime (a little bit of bruising or swelling may occur), the treatment cannot remove large amounts of fat from the body. Further, depending on what your certified provider is able to offer, complementary non-surgical body treatments for firming lax skin may also assist in emphasizing the results of fat treatments or offer a solution for firming up skin following weight loss, particularly along the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks.

You Typically Follow an Active Lifestyle

It is important for an ideal candidate to recognize that fat treatments are not a permanent solution. To maintain results, a patient should generally subscribe to a healthy, active lifestyle. Regular exercise and a diet that features lots of vegetables and healthy proteins can help to maintain results following treatment. Establishing this type of lifestyle prior to treatment can certainly help ensure easy maintenance of results. Perhaps some days you’ll have to fit in a quick thigh workout at home or another day, you choose to treat yourself to a burger and fries. Fat treatment results are best maintained when they complement your regular efforts to maintain a healthy body in a way that is sustainable. If you can’t sustain your current fitness schedule or diet, it’s best to find an option that works for you, and understand that you may need to find alternative ways to maintain your results or seek maintenance treatments.

You Don’t Fall Under the Typical Contraindications

As with any treatment, there are some particular health factors that could rule you out as an ideal candidate for fat treatments. For example, some contraindications that are particular to Venus Bliss™ treatments are as follows: 

  • Open lesions, wounds, or any sign of compromised wound healing
  • An unrepaired abdominal hernia
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • A history of immunodeficiency disorders and/or the use of immunosuppressants
  • A coagulation disorder or history of keloids
  • Any neuropathic disorder, impaired skin sensation, or diabetic neuropathy
  • Skin sensitivity disorders and/or the use of photosensitized medications
  • An active tan or exposure to artificial tanning devices/excessive sunlight one week before or after your treatment
  • Moderate to severe visceral fat, cellulite, or loose skin in the treatment area; these factors may need to be treated first before seeking a fat treatment
  • Current use of antiplatelets, anti-inflammatories, thrombolytics, anticoagulants, or heavy aspirin (more than 81 mg per day)
  • History or evidence of squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma

You’re Ready to Talk to a Treatment Provider About Your Unique Goals

It’s normal to feel nervous before an aesthetic treatment, though an ideal candidate should feel eager as well. If you’re still unsure if fat treatments are right for you, speaking to a certified treatment provider can help to get all your questions answered and perhaps even calm your nerves. The key factor here is simply to be eager to learn more.

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