5 Things You Can Do If You’re Not Seeing Results from Your Workouts

5 Things You Can Do If You’re Not Seeing Results from Your Workouts

Working out can offer a feeling of success, energy, and positivity, alongside that little boost of confidence in shaping your body, your way but sometimes, fitness fails. Workouts can seem daunting when you’re not seeing results, and this sometimes deters us from hitting the gym or pulling out our workout gear in the first place.

Instead of giving up and letting the lack of visible results deflate your motivation or confidence, try these workout tips to get over a fitness plateau and live your healthiest and happiest life.

Get Personal

It might be tempting to see those who are hitting their weight loss or toning targets and copy their methods. But that’s a temptation to fight. Fitness shouldn’t be copied; it should be customized to cater to your strengths and interests. Take a look at what fitness classes, sports, or types of workouts appeal to you and mix things up from there. If something isn’t working to motivate and interest you, move on and find something that does. Some places to start may be a spin class for those who prefer high energy and competition, tennis lessons for those who like social sports, or a triathlon club for those who need a motivational community. Ask others what they enjoy to get some new ideas, but don’t try to fit into their fitness mold. Instead, create your own with a little outside inspiration and a lot of personalization.

Push Just a Little Harder

Many of us think that when we’ve finished our reps or passed the end of our running route, we’ve hit the end goal and gotten in a good workout. The funny thing is that even though we think we’ve pushed ourselves plenty, the body can often go a little further past the finish line than our minds may allow us to believe. So, try extending your workout and push your body just a little bit further. Start by adding in a little extra at the end of a workout, whether that’s a few extra reps, some added weight to your final set, or a wall sit at the end of a long run. Pushing that little extra bit could also be as easy as adding an active task to a more passive one. For example, for those who warm up on the treadmill, increase the intensity with some upper-body dumbbell lifts while maintaining a fast walking pace to sculpt arms while burning calories.

Cut Back

As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. When it comes to fitness, too much exercise can cause more harm than good. Rest is an essential part of the weight loss and workout equation. To get results, your body needs to do the work (to burn fat and work muscles) but also rest (to repair and strengthen muscle, burning more fat). If you’re exercising too often, you’re less likely to build the muscle that can help burn more fat when you’re not working out. A little bit of yoga or swimming can be a great way to keep the body active while it’s recovering, but don’t forget to get some shut-eye too. Beauty sleep does more than keep the wrinkles away; it will also help to boost your fitness results and cut stress, so be sure to get a good, long rest each night. 

Adjust Your View

Sometimes, increasing consistency and broadening our view of our workout goals to encompass our whole lives is all it takes to start seeing results. Bodies are unique. While some may respond to cardio and squats by shedding weight, others may hit a weight loss plateau and linger. If you’re not meeting the goals you set out to achieve despite your consistent efforts, don’t consider it a failure—just adjust your viewpoint. Instead of focusing on losing a defined amount of weight by a specific date, set a goal to establish a healthy habit by that date. This will help to create a lifestyle that focuses on fitness that works for you and nutrition that isn’t bland, rather than establishing a rigid weight loss program that just leads to stress and failure. For example, instead of running to lose 20 pounds, start slow with a goal to walk every day, adding time, distance, and intensity to your walks until you reach the next, bigger goal of completing a marathon. With this outlook, pressure is reduced and the weight loss is an added bonus.

Explore Complementary Treatments

Sometimes we need a little helping hand to get over the hump. Seeing visible results can be a huge boost to self-esteem and a motivating factor to keep on putting in the effort. If you’re not seeing those results from a consistent fitness regimen, it’s not the best course to just quit and seek alternative invasive procedures. Instead, explore complementary treatments that can boost results while also fitting into your healthier lifestyle, such as radio frequency-based body shaping or skin tightening treatments. Utilizing advanced radio frequency technology to heat tissue deep below the skin's surface, body shaping treatments work to shrink fat cells for a smoother silhouette, while skin tightening treatments work to trigger the natural production of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin. Both methods can be adapted to a customized treatment plan that targets your trouble spots to meet your unique goals.

To learn more about radio frequency body shaping or skin tightening treatments, or to discover which option is the best to shape your body, your way, contact a certified treatment provider using our search field below.

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