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Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for Cellulite Treatments

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for Cellulite Treatments

For some, the first day of spring serves as an unwelcome reminder of having to hit our ideal summer bodies before we shed the layers, break out our bathing suits—and say hello to our cellulite. While cellulite isn’t anything to be ashamed of, owning those dimples isn’t for everyone. For those interested in smoothing out the lumps and bumps, avoid the stress of rushing at the last minute to get results, and instead use the start of spring to explore your treatment options. Now is the perfect time to establish the best cellulite reduction treatment plan for you, so you can get excited about those beach days ahead!

Cellulite and Its Causes

Cellulite is still a bit of a mystery to health professionals. Cellulite occurs in the subcutaneous tissue (the innermost layer of skin) and is a result of subcutaneous fat protruding beyond the collagen fibers around it. When this fat bulges through the fibrous network, it appears as bumps and dimples on the skin’s surface, most often on the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. While we know cellulite is medically harmless and more of a cosmetic concern that affects approximately 98% of women, its causes are still up for debate. It is clear, however, that cellulite is linked to the female hormone estrogen, which can have a variety of impacts on skin health.

In women, fat cells are larger in size and fibrous collagen is similar to a picket fence, with larger openings between fibers. Comparatively, fat cells in men are smaller and collagen fibers are oriented in a lattice-like fashion, preventing fat cells from bulging through the spaces as easily as in women. It should also be noted that there are also different grades of collagen that may affect how it appears on the skin’s surface and how it may be effectively treated.

Why You Should Start Your Cellulite Treatments in the Spring

There are a few different treatments that can be explored to reduce the appearance of cellulite, ranging from simple tips for camouflaging to targeting fat cells and strengthening tissue below the skin’s surface. Whatever your preferred treatment method, it’s best to give yourself some time to explore your options, book consultations with certified treatment professionals, and give treatments the time they need to work their magic. The following are just some benefits of planning ahead so you’re ready when summer finally arrives.

Time to Perfect Your Tanner

Sunless tanner can be an easy way to mask cellulite. Self-tanner can give the impression of a more even skin tone and help to reflect light, offering the appearance of smooth, more toned skin. While some self-tanners suggest they develop in just hours, it’s best to experiment with products before shorts season hits, so you can see what fits your skin tone and lifestyle while still being able to hide any application mistakes under layers. A buildable self-tanner can offer a little more control over color depth and universal shades may offer the added benefit of adapting to your skin tone, rather than trying to search for the perfect match.

More Time to Focus on Healthy Weight Loss

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for the home—it can be for the body, too. Take this time to focus in on establishing a healthy diet and incorporating exercise. Nutrients found in healthy foods can help boost skin health, while exercising can help burn away extra weight that can make cellulite appear much more visible. Taking time to lose weight gradually can help reduce the risk of developing loose skin that would emphasize cellulite. Also, even though the weather may still be a bit chilly, there are still plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and get active. Of course, it’s important to note that exercise is not a cure-all to cellulite—many fit people may still see cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. In most cases, a holistic approach that incorporates cellulite reduction treatments alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise can offer the best results.

Slower Schedules to Allow for Downtime

For those who may consider opting for a more invasive procedure to tackle cellulite, downtime is an important factor. As the American Academy of Dermatology notes, surgical procedures like subcision, which uses a needle inserted below the skin’s surface to sever fibrous bands, or vacuum-assisted tissue release, which also cuts bands and uses suction to move fat and tissue to fill in dimples and smoothen bumps, require a break from your regular routine to recover. Depending on the treatment, downtime can span anywhere from one week to six weeks, and a compression garment may be needed throughout the recovery period to limit inflammation and assist with circulation and healing. Of course, these garments may not be the most fashionable, especially under shorts or summer dresses, and beach days aren’t recommended. So, the sooner you start, the better.

A Warm Winter Escape and Time to Let Results Develop

For those who are searching for an effective solution but don’t want the long downtime (or the invasive procedure for that matter), radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments may be the answer, particularly in addition to regular workouts and a healthy diet—the perfect cellulite-busting trifecta this spring. Requiring no downtime and completed in short 15- to 30-minute sessions, these non-surgical cellulite reduction treatments utilize Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) energy and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to target fat cells, boost collagen production, and smoothen skin. Creating heat deep below the skin’s surface, RF energy stimulates skin’s natural collagen production cycle to restore the fibrous network that keeps skin smooth. PEMF boosts circulation for skin health and the heat delivered deep below the skin’s surface helps break down subcutaneous fat cells for visibly smoother skin.

These treatments are cumulative, meaning results will continue to improve up to three to four months following the final treatment session. For this reason, to see your best results this summer, it’s best to start at the onset of spring, though these treatments are not limited to that timeframe. As an added bonus, these non-surgical cellulite reduction treatments feel warm and relaxing, making them a welcome retreat from the cold winter temperatures you may have been experiencing over the past few months.

The Bottom Line: Give Yourself Time

Whatever your cellulite treatment method of choice, ensure you allow enough time for new habits to stick and old perceptions to fade, so you can feel confident in the skin you’re in and are able to commit to a healthy lifestyle that promotes improved results. By starting your cellulite reduction treatment plan now at the start of spring, you give yourself plenty of time for both.

Learn more about how customized non-surgical cellulite reduction treatments could be the perfect addition to your summer body prep by contacting a certified treatment provider near you. Use the search field below to get started.

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