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5 Beauty Tips for Fabulous Fall Skin

5 Beauty Tips for Fabulous Fall Skin

Show Your Skin Some Love

As we move out of summer, you might notice changes in your skin. That’s because the most people have combination skin, which tends to get oily in the summer and dry out in the winter. To keep your skin feeling fresh and smooth, you’ll want to lighten up on any harsh astringents and start incorporating more moisturizers into your skincare routine this autumn.

As important as cleansing is, some cleansers have ingredients that dry out the skin too much, which can end up causing your skin to overcompensate by producing excess acne-causing oil. Avoid products with high concentrations of alcohol and vinegar, and use less drying ingredients like rose water, diluted tea tree oil, and alcohol-free witch hazel instead. You might also want to consult a dermatologist for skin rejuvenating products that can both cleanse and moisturize.

Stay Smooth Without the Stress

Now that the weather’s cooling down and the layers are coming back on, there’s less pressure to keep your legs smooth and hair-free. For many people, it’s a big relief. Shaving, waxing, and plucking can be irritating and time-consuming, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you want to keep that silky, smooth feeling without dealing with inconvenient hair removal options, then this fall is your perfect opportunity to start a hair removal treatment plan and say goodbye to waxes and razors. Hair removal treatments with intense pulsed light (IPL) are quick and easy with no downtime, so you can get back to your routine right away after a treatment.

Get a Sunless Glow

Though too much sun can hurt your skin, a little bit of sunshine will go a long way. As the weather gets colder, it can be difficult for your skin to get enough sunlight to produce its own Vitamin D. This little bit of sunlight kick-starts Vitamin D production, which contributes to healthy skin cell growth and helps fight the free radicals that can cause premature aging.

This fall, keep your skin feeling and looking its best by taking Vitamin D supplements and eating foods that are rich in Vitamin D, like fish and seafood, soy and almond milk, and fortified juices.

Freshen Up Damaged Skin

While a little bit of sunlight can help your skin stay bright and healthy, too much sun exposure can be harmful. And as fun as it is to spend time out in the summer sun, it’s easy to overdo it. Without adequate sun protection year-round, UV radiation will damage collagen and elastin production—the building blocks of firm, youthful-looking skin.

Now that summer’s winding down, it’s time to get a head start on healing your skin and reversing the signs of aging caused by sun damage. Photofacial treatments are the best way to revitalize aging skin and reverse the signs of sun damage.

Start Setting Body Goals

The active autumn rush is the perfect time to start working on achieving your body goals. Get excited about fitness! Find a new workout buddy, set a new exercise plan, and make time to treat yourself every now and then.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re still struggling with the same stubborn spots as before the summer—after all, there are always going to be some challenging bulges and bunches that no amount of diet and exercise can take care of. In these cases, body shaping treatments with energy-based devices might be your best option. They use radio frequency technology to safely and comfortably break down stubborn fat cells and smoothen out sagging, so you can stop stressing over cellulite and start loving your look this fall!

Fall beauty is just around the corner. To get a head start on the season and find out more about these five fall beauty tips and treatments, get connected with a certified treatment provider near you.

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