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4 Easy Ways to Instantly Mask Cellulite


Cellulite is a tricky foe. It clings to our hips, stomachs, buttocks, and thighs, and often refuses to let go. Due to the nature of how cellulite is formed, there is no one-stop solution to eliminate cellulite once and for all, there are ways to reduce its appearance. While treatments and creams will fade signs of cellulite over time, here’s the scoop on some easy tricks to fake a cellulite-free look when you’re short on time.

Caffeinate Your Beauty Routine

While caffeine body scrubs and creams may tout cellulite-busting powers, take their claims with a whole shaker of salt. These creams won’t get to the root of your cellulite problem, but they will mask the appearance of dimpling skin short-term (for about 8 hours). For a quick boost in a pinch, create a DIY anti-cellulite coffee scrub using coffee grounds and coconut oil to buff and plump skin for a smoother appearance. For more pronounced results, leave the scrub on the skin and wrap the area with plastic wrap to keep the scrub in place, go about your regular makeup or hair routine, then rinse or wipe off the cellulite scrub. Leaving the caffeinated grounds in place increases their vasoconstrictive effects, which will help to tighten and smooth skin. For an added boost, before applying the scrub, dry brush the area to boost lymph and blood circulation, which can help to prevent further cellulite. 

Get Your Self-Tanner On

Flaunting a flawless glow can help to mask skin imperfections, but definitely avoid getting a tan the old-fashioned way—in other words, stay away from tanning oils, sun bathing, and tanning beds! While it hasn’t been conclusively proven, studies suggest that excess sun exposure could promote cellulite, by contributing to the breakdown of skin elasticity. Opt instead for a self-tanner, and be sure to apply evenly across the area to prevent excess tanner from settling into creases, which could end up emphasizing cellulite instead of masking it. For those looking for an even quicker fix, try a spray-on bronzer or bronzing cream, with a spritz of makeup-setting spray on top for longer wear.

Book a 30-Minute Massage

Make that massage multitask, melting away stress while plumping skin to better conceal cellulite. The results will last for days and could even be covered under some health benefits plans! Don’t have time for another appointment? Massage the area at home using a little bit of body oil or coconut oil, warmed between the hands, then gently massaged into the affected area using small, circular motions and light pressure. Leave oil on to help moisturize or gently wipe off excess with a soft cloth.

Choose a Cellulite-Friendly Outfit

Did you know that tighter, more restrictive clothing causes blood circulation to go out of whack? In other words, while form-fitting skinny jeans or bodycon dresses may look attractive and help to constrict those problem areas, their effects on blood circulation could mean that when those jeans are swapped out for a two-piece, cellulite may appear more exaggerated. If possible, opt for less restrictive garments—or better yet, favor skirts and loose-fitting, flowy blouses on that next beach vacation to better mask cellulite.

For a Long-Term Solution That’s Just as Quick…

While results may not come overnight, radio frequency cellulite reduction treatments typically take just 30 minutes to complete, and they better target the root of our cellulite concerns. In particular, multi-polar radio frequency treatments deliver heat to below the skin’s surface to break down fat cells and naturally boost depleted collagen production, fading away unwanted dimples and bumps. This one-two punch to cellulite smoothens and firms skin for a more sculpted appearance and more long-term results.

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