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Top Beauty Tips for the Winter Months


Winter weather can be beautiful, but it can have some disastrous effects on our beauty routines. Dry air, increased UV exposure (yes, increased), and even something as simple as shaving can all run skin health ragged from November straight through to April. Rather than accepting defeat for almost half the year, here are our top four winter beauty tips to keep looking our best year-round.

Find a Winterized Daily Makeup Routine

Applying makeup to dry, flaky skin can be a recipe for disaster. While using the right skincare routine to support skin’s lipid barrier during the winter months is essential, it won’t offer immediate results. Avoiding wearing any makeup when skin is in this sensitive state is ideal, as foundation, no matter how great the reviews are, will only emphasize dry skin. For those who must apply, get the best results possible with gentle exfoliation in the a.m., plenty of moisturizer, then a moisturizing foundation. Major tip: Be sure to give skincare products time to soak into the skin before applying makeup. 

For bronzer babes, skip the summer go-to. Skin tones change between seasons, even for those who don’t seek tanning time in the sun, so buy a new winter-only bronzer that’s just one shade darker than the current skin tone for a more natural, winter glow. Opt for a cream product over a powder for a little extra moisture.

Finally, if the dry winter air has already aged skin over the years, consider skipping wrinkle-concealing makeup that can exacerbate the problem and opt for a skin-smoothing radio frequency anti-aging treatment plan. Utilizing radio frequency technology, these treatments heat skin below the surface, increasing skin’s natural collagen production to firm up skin and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. The result? Less makeup and younger-looking skin.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Applying the proper SPF before heading outdoors in the warmer months should be habit, but polls say otherwise for most Americans. In fact, only 53% of women report wearing SPF sometimes. As for men, just 36% slap it on every now and then. And let’s face it—many of us skip this step even more once the thermometer drops below freezing.

The scary truth is that the effects of the sun’s rays become amplified once snow is factored in. The white blanket causes our UV exposure to double—skin is exposed to UV rays on their way down from the sun, then again as they reflect off the snow. For those hitting the slopes this winter sans sunscreen, the news is even worse. For each additional 1,000 feet in elevation climbed to get to that perfect powder, UV radiation increases by five percent. For example, at the summit of Vail, one of America’s most popular ski resorts at 11,571 feet in elevation, UV radiation is up a whopping 579%. Always apply sunscreen before hitting the slopes, because the effects of all that UV exposure could be a lot worse than those days spent on tropical sands.

For those who’ve forgotten sunscreen and are looking for a little skin damage control, consider an intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial treatment plan. These anti-aging treatments deliver targeted light through layers of the skin, generating heat when absorbed by pigment beneath the skin’s surface. This process kickstarts collagen production and corrects skin imperfections, while avoiding damaging any of the surrounding tissue for a more even-toned, youthful-looking complexion.

Give Rosacea Symptoms the One-Two Punch

Winter offers the imperfect mix of sun exposure, wind, and cold weather for those who suffer from rosacea. While keeping indoors may help minimize redness and bumps, dry air can also wreak havoc for some. To help keep rosacea symptoms under control this winter, try a combination of specialized skin care and therapeutic skin treatments.

Consider a NanoFractional radio frequency-based skin resurfacing treatment plan to repair visible signs of skin damage for a smoother, more even-toned complexion, followed up with a dermatologist-recommended skincare system that contains stem cell therapy technology. These products activate cellular membrane receptors to help promote healing and reduce inflammation, while moisturizing and jumpstarting skin’s natural collagen production for improved healing. Pairing the two treatments allows for a more customized approach to keeping rosacea and its symptoms under control.

Kick That Razor to the Curb

Body hair and how we deal with it is a very personal choice. For many, winter is the perfect time to ditch the razor for a few months while covered up in clothes. Some of us, though, are dedicated to keeping body hair at bay year-round. For those who faithfully shave or wax throughout the winter, it could be doing more harm to dry, sensitive skin than good.

Rather than shave or wax, consider a laser hair removal treatment plan for permanent hair growth reduction year-round. These treatments target each hair follicle to stunt hair growth for visibly smoother skin minus the razor and waxing appointments. Because these treatments tend to make skin more vulnerable to sun exposure, winter is the perfect time to begin a treatment plan. By this time next year, you could be experiencing the best of both worlds: shaving-free showers and smooth skin.

To learn more about IPL, radio frequency, stem cell therapy, or laser hair removal treatments, or to receive a customized winter treatment plan, locate a certified treatment provider near you.

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