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The Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain

The connection between stress and weight gain

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become more common than ever before. People are stressed about their jobs, health, relationships, and many other issues. High levels can have a negative impact on your life and complicate the situation even further. This is because our body is not configured in such a manner so as to handle prolonged periods of excessive stress. The side effects of taking too much stress can include insomnia and weight gain. This blog focuses on analyzing the link between stress and weight gain. It also provides a few tips related to dealing with it and proposes fat treatments as a long-term solution.

The Emotional Toll of Stress

Stress can be defined as a feeling of physical or emotional tension that arises due to both internal or external reasons. For many of us, whether it’s concern for a loved one, a looming deadline at work, or even the psychological pressure to achieve a personal goal, stress often disguises itself in various ways. During these times, your body primarily releases a hormone known as cortisol. In addition to cortisol, your body releases two other hormones known as epinephrine and norepinephrine.

When you experience a surge in stress for any number of reasons, you may feel hungry, and this is because cortisol has the ability to stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the body. Giving in to this hunger often leads to a spike in your appetite, and this directly impacts weight gain, which is then aggravated by a lack of exercise. Furthermore, cortisol can lead to fat deposition near the abdominal area, and this can contributes to cardiovascular problems. An important aspect to understand about being under continuous stress is that it is comparable to a domino effect where one thing could lead to another. A spike in cortisol causes your diet to fluctuate, which then impacts your body weight, and could lead to other conditions.

How to Deal with Stress

The best way to deal with high stress levels is to keep a positive attitude. Stress is often caused by negative thinking and blowing things out of proportion. It is completely fine to turn a blind eye sometimes for things that are beyond your control. Positive thinking could help you overcome problems by focusing on the solution. A more balanced diet can also help, ensuring that your body receives all the vital nutrients to prevent overeating. Thirdly, establishing a habit for regular physical activities is key. According to scientists, regular exercise can be a great way of averting stress. It will also help you stay fit and active.

Furthermore, try meditation and relaxation techniques as they will help you control your aggression and remain calm under all conditions. Yoga is a great way to clear your mind as well as build that connection between your body and mental wellbeing. Meditation is a part of a lot of people’s daily routine. All it takes is a few minutes out of your day. The objective is to focus on your breathing and find peace with your inner voice. All of these tactics can help you reduce the stress in your daily life and ensure that you are not stuck in the vicious cycle for long.

Fat Treatments as a Solution

If you are looking for a more result oriented solution, consider fat treatments as an alternative. The growth of the aesthetics industry has been on an upward curve in recent years. Similarly, fat treatments are also seen as a credible alternative to the traditional surgeries and medications that people used to rely on. These new-age treatments help you negate the weight gain that arises due to high stress levels. Fat treatments are the perfect solution for people busy lifestyle and are battling weight gain due to stress.

According to estimates, nearly 86% of consumers choose cosmetic procedures because they want to get rid of the excess weight that their body has accumulated. These cosmetic procedures have emerged as a great alternative to traditional surgical treatments that are risky and highly invasive. Cosmetic procedures have a high success rate and are not very time consuming either. These treatments are preferred by customers because they can be undertaken even if you have a very hectic lifestyle.

One such solution is Venus Bliss™, which is a comprehensive product that targets unwanted fat and cellulite. This device is used for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen and flanks, resulting in fat reduction. The device makes use of a process called Lipolysis, that enables you to reduce the fat accumulated in your abdomen area. In addition to this, the solution is suitable for all skin types and provides a comfortable experience with no downtime. Get started today and click the button below to get in touch with a certified provider near you.

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