How to Enhance Your Healthy, Active Lifestyle with Aesthetics

How to Enhance Your Healthy, Active Lifestyle with Aesthetics

Healthy, active living is a popular buzz phrase these days, but the definition of what might be a healthy, active lifestyle varies. For the healthcare sector, it is defined as when one follows a holistic lifestyle that puts health and self-care at the forefront through a nutritious and balanced diet, regular physical activity, and adequate stress management. And while physical activity doesn’t have as narrow a definition as gym workouts or high-intensity cardio—it can also include taking the stairs instead of the escalator or parking extra far and walking to your car, for example—it can still sometimes be a struggle to meet all of the requirements of healthy living. In fact, one recent study found that only 2.7% of American adults were able to check off just four key elements of a healthy, active lifestyle: not smoking, eating well, exercising regularly, and keeping body fat in a healthy range. (This study didn’t consider sleep, but getting your beauty rest is certainly part of the equation as well.) 

It’s clear that while laying claim to living a healthy, active life is subjective, it can also be difficult to maintain. No one’s perfect and balancing it all can become a challenging task when we add in life’s daily stressors. While we know there is no substitute for physical activity—it pays off in improved physical and mental health, among a slew of other benefits—balance, variety, and moderation are key for supporting a healthy, active lifestyle. Plus, getting a little boost now and then to reach your aesthetic goals can help to further improve confidence, mental health, and energy levels, ultimately helping you to better stick to your healthy lifestyle goals.

How to Stick to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle While Taking It to the Next Level

When we lack confidence in our appearance, we lack the energy and ambition to work to improve ourselves. For those who suffer from depression or low mental health, procrastination and a desire for immediate gratification can cause road bumps. These tendencies can lead to convenience and junk food cravings alongside inactivity and a debilitating level of stress as a result of the laundry list of things we’ve been putting off.

Having an aesthetics treatment plan to complement your fitness and nutrition routine can be that little trick up your sleeve that gives your confidence a boost when you need it, improves your mental health, and motivates you to keep on the right path toward a healthier, more active lifestyle. So, which aesthetic treatments work best to enhance your healthy, active lifestyle? Although it can vary for everyone, depending on individual goals and lifestyles, there are two options that typically top the list.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments

Customized body contouring treatment plans can be a very useful tool in improving the appearance of stubborn fat you just can’t seem to shed with diet and exercise alone. The fat on the inner thighs, for example, can give your target training exercises for the thighs a real run for their money, but body shaping treatments can help. Using advanced technology that’s safe for all skin types, radio frequency-based body shaping treatments deliver thermal energy well below the surface of the skin, targeting and shrinking those stubborn fat cells. In sessions lasting no longer than 30 minutes, these body shaping treatments can be customized to target those smaller, hard-to-hit areas like the arms, or larger problem areas like the stomach, back, or thighs. The result is a leaner, more defined shape that may be maintained through your usual healthy, active lifestyle. In other words, these treatments can offer just that little boost you need to see noticeable results.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments

For those feeling a little self-conscious of loose or sagging skin post-weight loss, a healthy, active lifestyle is still a great thing to maintain, but in all reality, it can’t do much to firm up lax skin. Diet and fitness help to reduce fat storage while boosting muscle strength and size, which can help keep slightly less elastic skin taut. However, skin that sags requires mending in its makeup of collagen and elastin fibers. That’s where non-surgical skin tightening aesthetic treatments come into play. Utilizing advanced radio frequency (RF) technology, these treatments deliver radio frequency energy deep below the skin’s surface where it is converted into thermal energy, or heat. The heat targets damaged collagen and elastin fibers and kickstarts the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production cycles. The result after a series of treatments is smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin with results continuing to improve in the next few months following completion of your treatment plan. 

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