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Wedding Prep List: The Best Aesthetic Treatments for Wedding Season

Wedding Prep List: The Best Aesthetic Treatments for Wedding Season

Wedding season is on the way! For those considering a medical aesthetics treatment, now is the time to start planning your appointments. Whether you’re a part of the happy couple, a parent of a bride or groom, a part of the bridal party, or a guest to a host of weddings, this season is the perfect time to commit to a plan so you can look your very best for yourself and the camera. While there used to be a time when extreme cosmetic makeovers and challenging weight loss goals would trend around wedding season, today’s wedding prep trends are focusing in on more natural-looking results and treatments that won’t disrupt your schedule. Achieve your unique aesthetic goals with the help of today’s top medical aesthetic treatments for the season, starting with these top three trends.

Body Slimming for the Best Fit

Stop stressing about dropping an unrealistic amount of weight in mere months just to fit into a specific outfit. Whether you’re searching for the perfect dress or suit, discover a style that fits your body and focus instead on healthy living, exercise, and a little shaping as needed. With a busy wedding season coming up, you have enough on your plate that a lofty weight loss goal may simply add to the stress. Instead, eat healthy, find a workout schedule that works around your wedding prep appointments (and offers a break from daily stressors), and seek alternative methods to subtly refine and shape your body your way.

For stress-free support, consider a customized non-surgical body shaping treatment plan to help you reach your unique aesthetic goals. Utilizing radio frequency (RF) energy, these treatments deliver targeted heat and energy deep below the skin’s surface to boost the skin’s natural collagen production levels to smoothen and firm. These treatments are the perfect way to shape the derriere or smoothen the abdomen for a better-fitting suit or gown. They’re also comfortable, relaxing even, making for the perfect escape when you need a break, and they require absolutely no downtime.

If you are looking to target stubborn areas with pockets of fat specifically, consider laser fat treatments that breaks down and destroys fat cells in a process known as lipolysis. These treatments can be used on the abdomen and flanks area. Here are some factors that make you an ideal candidate for fat treatment.

Go for a Flawless Complexion

While we can be notoriously judgmental when it comes to our own reflections, it’s a known fact that we often tend to associate brown spots or uneven skin tone with age and fatigue. It’s safe to say that not everyone loves freckles, sunspots, visible veins, or rosacea redness, and that’s fair.

Discover a more radiant, even-toned complexion with photofacial treatments that utilize targeted Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy to disperse pigmentation and promote the healthy healing of skin. Delivered in broad-spectrum pulses, IPL energy targets chromophores in the skin that cause the appearance of brown spots, redness, or visible veins while producing heat deep below the skin’s surface to promote improved collagen production for stronger, healthier skin. While photofacial treatments are often used on the face, they can also target sunspots on the chest or hands.

Facial Rejuvenation for a Radiant Glow

A big event like a wedding can have many of us put our skin under the microscope. Dry skin and blackheads may cause self-consciousness and lead us to avoid the camera altogether—and that’s the last thing you want to feel on your (or your loved one’s) big day. Instead of worrying about the appearance of your skin or piling on layers of makeup that just ends up creasing and caking, deep-clean and prime your skin for the ultimate glow.

When topicals and face masks won’t do, bring on the reinforcements! A powerful and relaxing facial that can bring a burst of moisture to dry, dull skin while simultaneously removing buildup in the pores. Your skin will feel fresh and recharged, thanks to the rotating tip and ultra-fine jet streams that massage the skin while promoting increased circulation. The result is a brighter canvas for lighter, more natural-looking makeup application and a refreshed, radiant complexion that glows in front of the camera.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of our role in a wedding, we all want to look our very best for the big day. Whether you’re saying your own vows, standing alongside a loved one, or walking the beautiful bride down the aisle, there’s a custom medical aesthetics treatment plan to help you look and feel your absolute best. To get started, simply locate a treatment provider near you today using the search field below.

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