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Good Morning America Reports: Treating Tech Neck

Good Morning America Reports: Treating Tech Neck

Tablets. Smartphones. Laptops.

When you think about the amount of time you spend gazing at all these devices, it is crystal clear that you are likely starting to exhibit signs of “tech neck.”

Tech neck is simply the over use of neck muscles that occurs through repetitive viewing of modern technology devices. Every time you glance at your iPhone or browse on your tablet, you are tilting your neck and essentially ruining its muscles.

Dr. Harold Lancer, famed Beverly Hills dermatologist at Lancer Skincare, has seen patients as young as 23 visit his clinic to treat the wrinkles and sags associated with overuse from tech neck.

“Overlying skin forms lines, sort of like tree trunk rings,” he explains of how tech neck begins to cause droop. To help treat it, he uses Venus Legacy to deliver deep-penetrating energy that stimulates new collagen to form and tighten the skin, helping to soften the lines and wrinkles.

Though it is unrealistic to think we will stop taking selfies or checking emails on our array of devices, Dr. Lancer has some other tips to help patients lessen the effects of tech neck. “Keeping your neck skin out of the sun, keeping the skin well moisturized, and I tell people to sleep on their backs with a round pillow behind their neck,” he says.

Or pay him a visit and check out the secret weapons used by his patients.

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