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The Venus Beauty Media Tour – Technology Meets Glamour on a Global Scale

The Venus Beauty Media Tour – Technology Meets Glamour on a Global Scale

Cutting edge medical aesthetic technology comes to the world’s most glamorous fashion and beauty capitals.

Excitement is building and we are about to embark on a multi-city global Venus Beauty Media Tour, from Beverly Hills to Milan, and many stylish destinations in between. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, and from New York’s fashion-elite roaming the streets of Manhattan, to London’s smooth sartorial sophistication, Venus Concept is proud to help create the beautiful bodies donning the world’s top designs.

We’re bringing our innovative approach to beauty across the globe, with the goal of inspiring beauty on the inside and out. No longer a Hollywood secret, discover why celebs swear by their Venus Treatments, and the world’s top clinics are rolling out the red carpet for you.

Discover what all the buzz is about; the Venus Legacy and our outstanding repertoire of extraordinary devices are delivering star-approved results. Contouring the body, smoothing and tightening skin, while creating an incredible glow; Venus Treatments provide the ideal canvas for fashion designers around the world to showcase their masterpieces.

We will be pairing our innovative technology with a heavy dose of glamour. Express Venus Treatments, extravagant eats, expert hair and makeup artists on hand to pamper, renown physicians, and a host of international VIPs are just some of the elements setting off each stop of the tour. Follow #VenusBeauty and don’t miss a moment, no matter which country we’re in.

Catwalk over to our social media runway to learn more today!

Take the first step towards feeling great!

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