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Introducing: #VenusBeauty. A bold beauty movement

Introducing: #VenusBeauty. A bold beauty movement

What is beauty? The #VenusBeauty campaign is asking you to define.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how do we individually define beauty for ourselves? We believe beauty is inspiring and transformational. When we feel beautiful, we feel confident, and confidence is the key to unlocking our power to accomplish our life’s goals. This year, we’re traveling the globe with a new purpose; to inquire and inspire, and to watch as those who embody confidence define #VenusBeauty.

A powerful new narrative is spreading our core message: confidence is beauty.

Life is a slideshow, a series of moments playing out in real time. Being truly present in these moments, absorbing all of the beauty life has to offer and learning its lessons is what shapes us. The many layers of beauty are built through persistence, determination and self-confidence. Confidence is silent, grounded in wisdom and worn like an invisible crown. A dancer pushing her body to its limits, a young entrepreneur climbing the ladder to his goals, new lovers wrapped in the comfort of commitment- our lives unfolding before our very eyes. So live each moment, experience all of the beauty and opportunity life has to offer. Cultivate confidence looking and feeling your best with Venus Treatments.

Go ahead and ask, share, and answer the question. Be part of the conversation on social media. We want everyone to be able to confidently answer one last question:

I know I’m beautiful because…

Take the first step towards feeling great!

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