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    It All Starts With the Lancer Method

    Returning to So. CA, now Dr. Lancer got to work! He established Lancer Skincare, in Beverly Hills and created his unique anti-aging skin care protocol, The Lancer Method, as the first care and preparation before any corrective treatments. After two to six weeks, the Doctor evaluates the results and decides what the next procedure should be.

    When entering the treatment stage, Dr. Lancer says that the Venus Legacy™, from Venus Concept, is his “first go-to procedure” to firm part of the facial/neck or upper breast/cleavage area and to smooth that “crepey skin;” to firm the inner arm, the inner or outer thigh, for more curvature, or for anywhere.“Every patient has their own area of personal concern,” Dr. Lancer says, “and they’ll often pick things you wouldn’t ever expect - an elbow, a knee…a knuckle. But since Venus Legacy™ is a total body treatment, you can no longer respond, ‘Oh, no, I cant do that.’ Now you can. And the results are immediate, with no pain and no downtime.”

    In addition to Venus Legacy™, Dr. Lancer was the first practice, in the U.S., to introduce the new Venus Velocity™. “When it involves issues like fine line texturing, improving color, texture and pore structure, we’ll go to Venus Velocity™ that’s designed to generate radio frequency heat, below the skin’s surface.”

    The Doctor says, For an active lifestyle, we want to do small procedures with minimal inconvenience and a cumulative benefit. That’s important and today’s patients appreciate it.” It’s also important to note that Dr. Lancer’s patients also appreciate his innovation, skill and excellent care.
    Dr. Lancer notes that this procedure does need a cream anesthetic to eliminate any discomfort. He may treat the upper and lower eyelids; the neck, cleavage or entire chest; sometimes the hands or whichever area the patient desires. While both Venus Velocity™ and Venus Legacy™ are performed in a series, between three to six treatments, the patient can see an improvement, immediately.

    In 2013, Dr. Lancer had 39 clients at the Golden Globes awards. And it was at the urging of one of his most avid fans that he began, actually, marketing his Lancer Skincare products, “Your products are spectacular,” Oprah Winfrey said. “Why don’t you make the products available to the general public…because I think they are great products!” AND it was Oprah who selected the widely-celebrated Nordstrom, as his first retailer.



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