Is Your Man Experiencing Hair Loss? 5 Ways You Can Show Support

Is Your Man Experiencing Hair Loss? 5 Ways You Can Show Support

Have you ever gone to your high school reunion and found that all these years later many of the men are experiencing hair loss? Balding is a shocking reality and one that makes many men feel old. Unfortunately, for many men, it can start long before they are considered “older”, which can further age their appearance.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), the hereditary factor in balding, is, in fact, so common that an estimated two-thirds of men will be affected by the time they reach 35 years of age. And, by the time men turn 50, nearly 85 percent will have significant hair thinning, the American Hair Loss Association reported.

Even though one study by the University of Pennsylvania showed that people perceive bald men as better leaders and to be tougher than men with hair, most men experience real psychological and emotional effects when faced by this condition.

For a society that associates hair with youth and virility, it is no wonder that day-to-day trauma of hair loss can create depression, anxiety and even the avoidance of social gatherings. All of that makes male hair loss a very touchy subject for a wife or girlfriend to bring up and discuss with her significant other.

So how do you raise the subject if you notice your honey is losing his hair?

First, understand that his ego may be closely tied to his receding hairline, so treading lightly is recommended.

Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind before starting a discussion:

1) Try to understand his mindset.

When a man begins to lose hair, it may trigger fears that his youth is vanishing or that you will consider him undesirable. Assure him that you want him to be happy, and that talking about what is bothering him, especially if it is an image issue, should not be embarrassing.

2) Understand that he may experience some sense of shame.

Studies reveal that up to 60 percent of men have been teased and humiliated at some point in their life because of hair loss, according to eMedExpert. Just let him know that he can trust you with any “secret shame” he may be feeling.

3) Know that he may be feeling a loss of control.

Men generally don’t like to lose control of situations and hair loss is one of those situations where they can feel powerless. Encourage him that there are things that he can do about it and that you will support him in his quest.

4) Suggest ways that may help him reduce his stress.

Although there is no current way to prevent Male Pattern Baldness, one theory suggests that stress may cause hair loss because of the increased production levels of sex hormones in the body. Helping him find ways to reduce his stress levels caused by balding with relaxing activities such as yoga, walking, calming music or other hobbies can help.

5) Help him research treatment options to consider.

Today there are many treatment options available for both men and women going through hair loss. NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive procedure with quick recovery time for hair restoration. NeoGraft®’s FUE technology removes individual follicles and then transplants them to specific areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. Over time, hair grows naturally and healthy.

Regardless of how you decide to support your man suffering from hair loss, your understanding and support of his feelings will make a difference to him. Letting him know that you are by his side regardless of his follicle count will go a long way.

To learn more about the cause of your man’s hair loss and options for hair replacement, schedule a consultation with your local certified physician on our dedicated NeoGraft® site.

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