Top 3 Cosmetic Treatment Trends to Explore in 2019

Top 3 Cosmetic Treatment Trends to Explore in 2019

With candid conversations surrounding cosmetic treatments ranging from lip injections to breast enhancements to chemical peels and beyond, celebrities and social media influencers are opening up the discussion and challenging the stigma. This more open discussion, alongside continued technological advancements in medical aesthetic treatments—particularly minimally and non-invasive procedures—is creating an industry that is much more accessible heading into 2019. For those taking their first steps into aesthetics or innovative skin care, discovering what treatment trend might be right for you can be daunting. To help you out, we’re highlighting our top three aesthetic treatment trends to explore this year.


A funny little pun, the word “tweakments” refers to treatments that offer just a little tweak or touch-up. While it’s true that cosmetic surgeries are still popular, more minimally invasive alternatives have been seeing a steady rise in demand since 2015 and tweakments are expected to be the next focus in non-surgical cosmetic treatments this year. The main reason is a shift in the way we view medical aesthetics treatments now. Today, most of us are searching for solutions that don’t cut into our busy schedules, offer natural results, and are able to focus in on a specific concern with our individual goals in mind. For example, if you’re searching for a solution to stubborn thigh fat and cellulite, in the past, liposuction may have been the top recommendation. Heading into 2019, alternatives to surgical treatments such as radio frequency (RF) body shaping treatments for targeted cellulite reduction are more often favored, with studies proving their greater effectiveness with little to no downtime. Likewise, lunchtime procedures and injectables are likely to continue to see an uptick, particularly for creating volume, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, and even offering a potential solution to dark undereye circles.

Microneedling Patches

New technologies and innovations tend to steal the spotlight from other proven technologies each year. The perfect example for 2019 is the buzz that’s already surrounding microneedling patches. Currently under testing in the medical field for vaccinations and delivering scar reduction drugs, as well as in the beauty industry for anti-aging collagen treatments, microneedling patches feature hundreds of water-soluble needles (sometimes also called cones) that gently penetrate the skin’s surface to deliver drugs or topicals below. After just a few minutes, the needles dissolve and the patch is peeled away. While the innovation—particularly when combined with collagen—is definitely an upgrade to the standard paper facial mask, it doesn’t quite have the same impact as a non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment, whether it’s for anti-aging or a faster approach to scar reduction—this is especially true if the non-invasive alternative includes an energy component, such as RF. This is because the needles in the patch don’t create the same microdermal wounds that non-surgical ablative skin resurfacing and microneedling treatments do, which is essential for best results. In other words, while potentially a game-changing innovation in the medical field or for at-home skin care, the patches aren’t able to achieve the same results as a skin resurfacing treatment plan that’s been designed just for you.

Boutique Experiences

Customization will reign in 2019. This year, there will be many more options offered up to create a boutique experience for aesthetics patients. Essentially, with so many options regarding complementary treatments and at-home skin care protocols to support those results, a certified treatment professional will be able to create the perfect holistic aesthetics plan to meet your needs.

In particular, customized skin care systems are currently under the spotlight. Innovative skin care ingredients that are well backed by trusted scientific studies, such as skin care lines featuring cutting-edge stem cell therapy, continue to gain ground. Further, new systems for prescribing the perfect customized skin care routine are now utilizing algorithms and artificial intelligence to create boutique formulas for individual customers. However, as tempting as a bespoke anti-aging serum may be, there continues to be a focus on conversations with trusted professionals. It might be tempting to input information in a website and have a system shipped to your doorstep, but the package is less personalized when you’re unable to ask questions and receive immediate answers from a professional. Having this conversation could help you reveal even more about your skin care goals than you may have known, leading to the perfect skin care system for your anti-aging and beauty needs that’s much more likely to afford the optimal results you’re after.

Where to Start?

While these are the top three treatment trends we’ll be watching this year, not all of these options will be the best choice for everyone. That being said, with the industry trending toward custom treatment plans and more innovations gaining new ground each year, there’s sure to be an option that fits your aesthetic goals. To get started finding the right choice for you, contact a certified treatment provider near you today using our search field below, and discover the very best version of yourself in 2019.

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