Meet Our Latest Winner of the #TheVenusChallenge

Meet Our Latest Winner of the #TheVenusChallenge

In celebration of our partnership with Venus Williams as our Brand Ambassador of Venus Bliss™ fat reduction treatments, we've been running #TheVenusChallenge contest to spread the love and encourage everyone to indulge in some much-deserved self-care with the help of a gift card. The most recent winner of #TheVenusChallenge was Juliet Hall. We caught up with Juliet about what confidence means to her, how she plans to spend her self-care dollars, and the sport that she and Venus both love! 

Meet the Most Recent Winner of #TheVenusChallenge: Juliet

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence comes from a place of deep conviction and strong belief system; therefore, confidence isn’t something you can fake. Confidence means having faith. I am rooted in my faith, my faith in myself, and my faith in the gifts that uniquely shape me.

What makes you feel confident? Tell us a bit about your entry. 

I feel confident when I am activating my gifts. I have a natural talent for using words, whether written or spoken, to edify and encourage others, especially women.

How did you find out about the giveaway and why did you enter? 

I found out about the giveaway on Instagram. I follow Venus Williams, as she is one of my sheroes. As a health enthusiast and (recreational) tennis player myself, it only made sense for me to support what Venus Williams supports.

How are you planning to spend your prize? 

Honestly, I don’t know yet, but I am well overdue for a proper pampering!

What inspires and/or drives you daily? 

I am driven by purpose. I work daily to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and I help others to do the same.

How do you overcome challenges in your life? 

I am intentional about exercising regularly, as this lifts my mood and helps me to think clearly. I also journal every night before I go to bed to reflect on my day and to express my daily gratitude(s). I know that every challenge has an expiration date to it, so I just do my best to keep one foot in front of the other and to focus on all the things I am grateful for (which is a lot).

How do you relax & unwind during stressful times? 

I play tennis.

A Moment Of Bliss With Venus Williams 

As it turns out, our challenge winner Juliet shares a lot in common with Venus Williams, especially when it comes to her opinions on confidence and self-care. Like Venus, Juliet works daily to be the best version of herself. Driven by purpose and intention, both women exercise gratitude and take care of their bodies through fitness, especially through their shared passion for playing tennis.  

Venus is the epitome of the strong, confident woman who is proud of who she is and how she looks—and the Venus Bliss™ treatments help her keep the shape she wants, as well as taking a little time out for herself. “One of my goals is just to freeze time where I am,” she says. “I like how I look and I like how I feel and I want it to stay exactly this way.” Even with her intense workouts, she wanted to make sure she was doing everything she could to look her best, so she did her research and chose Venus Bliss™ treatments. Venus Bliss™ helped Venus achieve her aesthetic goals, and she recommends it for anyone hoping to reach theirs quickly, comfortably, and with no downtime. “First, I thought the Venus Bliss™ treatment was relaxing,” she laughs. “Honestly, I was happy to just stop for a moment.” The treatments give her a moment to focus on herself, while also achieving her goals. “I was also happy to find something that works. I really enjoyed it and it’s something I would highly recommend.” 

Feel More Confident with Venus Bliss™ Treatments

Venus Bliss™ treatments are the perfect option for people like Venus, who have busy, active lifestyles and want to boost their confidence by achieving their aesthetic goals. Venus Bliss™ uses non-invasive lipolysis, a process that involves using radiofrequency energy to gently heat and dissolve hard-to-budge fat cells that tend to accumulate in the thighs, abdomen, and other areas. The diode laser technology and radio frequency energy combat hard-to-beat fat, reduce cellulite, and create a leaner, slimmer appearance without the recovery time a more invasive procedure would require. This is a fat reduction solution that’s non-invasive and suitable for all skin types, with no downtime. The treatments are also an excellent choice for anyone who has tried diet and exercise but still has a few stubborn areas that they want to see perfected. Suited for full schedules, the treatments generally last between 15-30 minutes and many people see results after just one treatment, with long-lasting, continued improvement for up to six months. 

You can look and feel your best this year, and Venus Treatments is here to help. Find a provider near you by using the search field below.

* Interviewee's answers have been edited for clarity. 

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