How to Get Your Body Ready for Summer, Fast!

How to Get Your Body Ready for Summer, Fast!

The simple statement to get your body summer-ready in no time is to simply change into some lighter clothing, toss on some SPF, and head to the beach! We all have summer-ready bodies we should be proud of, but sometimes, we’d like to do a little tweaking before we sport our bikinis and that’s OK, too! So here, we’ve gathered some quick tips to help get your body summer-ready, fast and in your own way.

Get the Perfect Tan in 12 Hours

Pale or pasty skin may warrant a tan before you raise that hemline or bare that midriff on the beach, but as all beauty buffs know, you really should avoid tanning beds or laying out in the sun. While you may discover a gorgeous glow after a few tanning sessions, the skin’s golden hue is actually a physical manifestation of its attempts to protect itself from further UV damage. For a quicker, safer option to flaunt beautifully bronzed skin, opt for a faux tan (many options boast gorgeous results in 12 hours or less).

To pull off the perfect dupe without risk of streaks or an orange hue, simply use the following steps:

  1. Choose a tanning cream that’s right for your skin tone. Undertones of red are best for those with pale skin that easily burns, while olive and darker skin tones will want to look for a green undertone.
  2. Exfoliate skin before applying the tanner to ensure a smooth finish and minimize build-up.
  3. Apply tanning creams and mousses with latex gloves and blend in areas where build-up may have occurred with a buffing mitt for smooth, flawless color.
  4. Use a roller or back brush to ensure tanner is applied correctly to the back if you don’t have a partner or roommate who can help you out with this part.
  5. If applying it to the face, apply vaseline to the eyebrows and hairline to prevent the product from building up in these areas or dying your hair. Consider mixing the tanning product with your usual moisturizer for a softer glow that’s safer on sensitive skin.
  6. Wear dark clothing after application and the looser the fit, the better to avoid any chance of rubbing and wear around the waist, legs, or anywhere else clothing may fit more snugly.
  7. Moisturize regularly to extend the life of your faux tan and reapply tanner when color fades or if you’d like to build your tan—just leave 24 hours between applications to avoid going too dark too fast!

Bust Bloating

Belly bloat is a completely common, normal occurrence and it may show more on some bodies than others—it’s even common among fitness Instagrammers. While it’s nothing to be ashamed of and sometimes even worth the “buddha belly” look to indulge in our favorite foods, there are some diet changes that can cut the appearance of bloating by beach day tomorrow, if that’s in your plans. Plain yogurt contains helpful probiotics that will keep hunger at bay while also improving digestion and minimizing bloating. High in potassium, bananas are a good morning snack for a belly-flattening boost, while cayenne and ginger contain ingredients that reduce bloating, gas, and inflammation. Finally, for a healthy snack that will help reduce water and salt retention in the body, slice up some honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon for an Instagram-worthy colorful fruit salad that’s sure to bust belly bloating behind the scenes! 

Shed Those Last Five Pounds

Perhaps belly bloating isn’t the cause for that little bit of stubborn extra volume you’ve been looking to kick from your midriff or maybe the thighs have been your trouble area when it comes to your target training. While your efforts to exercise, diet, and tone are definitely not in vain—your body will thank you in the long run for being a little more health-conscious—there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of a shortcut to meet your goals. For those interested, non-surgical body shaping treatments may perfectly complement gym days and healthy meals to reduce waist or thigh circumference. These treatments utilize advanced technology to deliver energy below the skin's surface, where it targets and shrinks fat cells, smoothening those troublesome fat pockets for a slimmer, more defined silhouette. Body shaping treatments may also be used to target smaller, harder-to-hit areas like the upper arms and jawline.

Give Cellulite a Run for Its Money

It doesn’t pay to have cellulite as there really is no benefit to the bumps and dimples, usually along the buttocks or on the backs of thighs, but cellulite is super common. In fact, only 10% of women will seemingly miraculously avoid cellulite, so for the other 90% of us, we can accept it as beautifully natural or we can fight back. While many may be tempted to test the powers of topical creams and gels to smoothen out cellulite, the problem lies much deeper in the skin with the buildup of fat cells and the natural decline in the skin’s structure. Combined, fat cells bunch up and push through the lattice-like collagen structure of the skin, leading to those recognizable lumps and bumps. Cellulite-reducing creams may temporarily perk up skin and eventually improve skin’s collagen structure, but it won’t affect the accumulation of fat cells. For a faster fix, look to a series of radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments that deliver heat deep below the skin’s surface to melt fat cells while inducing the skin’s natural collagen production cycle in just six to eight weeks.

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