How to Care for Your Hair This Summer

How to Care for Your Hair This Summer

You probably adjust your skin care routine for the summer, but do you do the same for your hair? The summer comes with a new set of challenges for hair in the form of heat, humidity, and sun. If you play sports or swim, these activities can damage your hair as well. Dont worryshiny, healthy hair is within reach this summer as long as you give your tresses some extra TLC. Heres the best way to take care of your hair this summer. 

How to Protect and Care for Your Hair This Summer  

Sun Protection  

Like your skin, your hair needs to be protected from harmful UV rays in the summer. Too much sun exposure contributes to dry strands and frizz, and can make color-treated hair fade faster. Your first line of defense in this case is a hatgood thing baseball caps are back in style. Alternatively, consider a hair care product that contains UV filters. These come in spray, gel, or cream formulas and will protect hair from sun damage and help keep your color fresh for longer. 

Swimming Hair Care 

Saltwater and chlorine take a serious toll on hair. If youve ever spent a day at the beach or in the pool, you may have experienced the dry, frizzy effects for days afterward. Protecting your hair before, during, and after swimming is important especially for color-treated hair, since the shafts are more fragile. Short of wearing a swimming cap, you could tie your hair up so it doesnt get wet, or apply a protectant spray before you dive in. After swimming, make sure to rinse out the salt and chlorine and apply a good conditioner.  

Keep Hair Hydrated  

Since the sun and heat are drying, keeping moisture in your hair is a task during the summer. For starters, try switching to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Hair treatments, leave-in conditioners, and hair oils can be a big help as well. For an extra boost of hydration, you can apply an enriching hair mask weekly to restore shine and reduce frizz.  

Book A Trip To The Salon 

Sun, surf, and a more active lifestyle all play a part in making hair drier in the summer. For that reason, split ends tend to show up sooner. To keep your ends healthy, frequent trims at the salon or at home are the key. If you dont want to lose any length, ask your stylist for a dustingor a very light trim every four to six weeks, instead of getting a full trim or cut. 

Skip The Heat Styling 

Because of the hotter temperatures, the effects of heat styling are emphasized in summer. Using hairdryers, curling irons, and other hot tools are hard on hair already, so if you can, try to cut back and enjoy your natural texture until the weather cools down again.  

How to Treat Summer Hair Loss  

Hair goes through a lot of wear and tear during the summer, which means you might start to notice more shedding than usual. If this is the case, dont panicthe hair loss probably isnt permanent. However, many men and women do experience permanent hair loss at some point in their lives. If youre concerned about thinning hair, a receding hairline, or balding, hair restoration can fully restore your hair. Venus Concept offers two state-of-the-art devices for hair restoration for men and women.  

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration 

For treating the complexities of female hair loss, NeoGraft® is the latest generation in hair restoration devices, using a fully automated process that requires no stitches, leaves no visible scarring, and delivers a more natural-looking result. The procedure uses your own existing hair, transplanting healthy follicles through precision micrografts that cause little to no discomfort during the procedure, and require little downtime. After some initial tenderness in the first 2-3 days, most people return to regular activities. The transplanted hair will look natural, grow at the same rate as the surrounding hair, and 

ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Restoration  

Ideal for treating male hair loss, the ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Restoration makes hair restoration procedures swift and seamless. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design the ideal extraction and placement of the hair follicles, the devices precision and speed work to protect existing hair and maintain a natural appearance for the newly implanted hair. Full hair regrowth is realized within 9-12 months of the procedure for a natural look that no one will be able to tell came from a hair restoration procedure. With a record number of ARTAS® procedures performed last year, theres no denying the popularity of this state-of-the-art hair restoration device.  

Having a hair restoration procedure in the summer will have you enjoying the full benefit of your healthy hair before winter. Use the search field below to find a provider near you who can answer all your questions and tailor a hair restoration procedure for you. 

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