5 Weight Loss Foods That Are Actually Delicious

5 Weight Loss Foods That Are Actually Delicious

A girl’s gotta eat, and the yummier the better. No wonder those dull diets geared for weight loss can be such a struggle for food lovers! Bland food plans featuring trimmed-down vegetable, bean, and grain dishes may help shrink waistlines, but without that extra element of richness and flavor, they can just end up causing cravings for tastier, less healthy dishes. To boost satisfaction and add some flavor to any weight loss diet, consider these five delicious weight loss foods.

Spicy Peppers

Craving a little more flavor in grain bowls or steamed stir-fries? Toss in some diced chili peppers for a little spice, plus a dash of capsaicin—a compound present in hot peppers that helps to curb appetite. Capsaicin is most effective on those who don’t usually indulge in hot dishes, so start by adding just a dash of red pepper flakes to chicken or whole grain rice dishes and work on up to sliced hot peppers in stir-fries or tofu tacos to score the longer-term benefits of this delicious weight loss helper.

Full-Fat Yogurt

Pair vegetables with a side snack of full-fat Greek or Icelandic-style yogurt as a satisfying afternoon snack. These types of yogurt contain more than double the amount protein per-ounce than their reduced-fat counterparts, resulting in a reduced appetite even after consuming the same amount of calories. Yogurt also contains probiotics that promote gut health and minimize the risk of leptin resistance, which is linked to obesity.

Consider adding a tablespoon of plain full-fat yogurt on top of hot pepper dishes to cut the spice and fend off late-night cravings. Alternatively, add some spices to plain yogurt and use it as a dip for vegetable sticks, or mix a touch of honey into plain Greek yogurt for a delicious fruit dip.

Spiced Potatoes

Often avoided due to their high level of carbohydrates, potatoes can actually be a healthy addition to a weight loss diet when enjoyed in moderation. This is because potatoes are high in resistant starch, which is helpful in boosting one’s fat-burning potential. For a healthy dish, bake potatoes and add flavor with spices or a dollop of Greek yogurt. Avoid excess butter, sour cream, and salt and pair them with a colorful, low-calorie vegetable for balance.

Tropical Coconut Oil

Fats are still fats, but healthy fats can help to accelerate weight loss results. Coconut oil contains high levels of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of fatty acid that reduces hunger, boosts calorie-burning potential, and fights belly fat in particular. Coconut oil can be used to replace less healthy oils or butters and to add a little extra flavor. Extra virgin olive oil can also be a healthy fat, but it’s better suited for dressings than cooking, because it has a much lower smoke point (the temperature at which an oil begins to burn and creates carcinogens).

Grass-Fed Feta and Goat Cheese

Like coconut oil, these soft cheeses contain MCTs that boost satiety and help burn more calories at the gym. Add flavor and creaminess to salads with some crumbled feta or goat cheese for a filling, healthy, low-calorie lunch. As a helpful tip, purchase feta or goat cheeses that have “grass-fed” written on the label. These options will be higher in MCTs, making them an even more effective for improving weight loss results.

If a Diet Change Doesn’t Help…

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