3 Top Aesthetic Treatments for Summer Fashionistas

3 Top Aesthetic Treatments for Summer Fashionistas

We can finally say that the long-awaited season of summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start reorganizing your closet and swapping the bulky winter clothes for flowy, colourful summer pieces. Whether you are planning to bare it all for a beach vacation or just want to sport the stylish summer fashion you’ve been saving all year long, knowing your body type will help make sure you look and feel your best. Use the following guide to find out what kind of fashion pieces work best for your shape and how the right aesthetic treatment can complement your favorite summer looks.

Determining Your Body Shape

  1. A triangular body shape is identified by a waist that is wider than the bust area, portraying a triangle for the upper part of the body. For this body type, bottoms such as slim pants or culottes will be very flattering for the summer, as well as flare and skater skirts. As for swimwear, a cut-out one-piece is very on trend and can accentuate the curves on this body type.
  2. The hourglass shape is characterized by a well-defined waist. This body type can pull off well-fitted tops well. Fit-and-flare dresses are popular this summer along with jumpsuits that can help show off curves. Experiment with high-waisted bikini bottoms to flaunt the waistline beautifully.
  3. The inverted triangle is the upside-down version of the triangle body shape. It is characterized by broader shoulders with a narrower hip area, making breezy blouses paired with cropped jeans a great match for this figure. Cupped bikinis are great for extra support for the bust area and can bring out the curves of this silhouette even more.
  4. The rectangle body shape is an athletic figure that has a similar width for the shoulders and hips. A trendy fitted knot-tie dress is flattering for this body type. Cropped pants will also give the illusion of longer legs to pull off the whole look. When it comes to swimwear, two-piece bikinis will help flaunt the athletic figure.

Aesthetic Treatments to Complement Your Summer Fashion

Whether you’re sporting a fun dress, a fitted V-neck T-shirt, or this season’s trendiest swimwear, pairing your summer fashion with the right non-surgical aesthetic treatment will help make sure you look and feel your very best. Whether it’s achieving that silky smooth, stubble-free skin you’ve always wanted, or to say goodbye to stubborn muffin tops or cellulite, there is an aesthetic treatment out there to suit your unique needs.     

Stubble-Free Skin

Now that you have identified the summer style that fits you best, it is time to focus on the other essential for warm weather and beach days—hair removal. After all, no one wants to emerge from the long winter looking like a yeti, so plan ahead and take care of your hair removal needs well before bikini season starts. Lasting results will require 5-7 treatments, but they will save you a lot of time (not to mention shaving cream and wax) in the long run. While there are different technologies available for hair removal treatments, diode laser hair removal is one solution that can even work on darker and tanned skin, making maintenance treatments easy as the summer moves along.

Treatments for a Better Fit

If you don’t feel completely confident with baring your legs or midriff this summer, don’t stress yourself out with trying to lose a significant amount of weight or toning in a short period of time. Instead, opt for a stress-free alternative to tackle these areas with non-invasive body shaping or cellulite reduction treatments. They work to deliver heat below the skin’s surface to shrink fat cells while boosting the skin’s collagen production levels for a smoothing and firming effect. Worried about lax skin on your arms? Skin tightening treatments can help to improve the appearance of sagging skin by delivering radio frequency energy below the surface to tighten and tone.

Treatments for Summer-Ready Skin 

The focus doesn’t just have to be on the body. Nothing complements summer fashion better than a healthy, glowing complexion. Facial rejuvenation treatments can work wonders for your skin by opening up and deep-cleaning pores, leaving behind an instantly brighter, more rejuvenated glow. If you struggle with scarring or other textural issues, a radio frequency-based skin resurfacing treatment may do the trick. It delivers heat below the skin’s surface through tiny pins, triggering your body’s natural healing cycle to improve skin texture.

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