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Target Training: The Booty

Target Training: The Booty

The booty trends we’re seeing across social media show no sign of slowing down. From songs, to hashtags, to celeb Instagram envy, a toned backside is now a super hot topic and a common item on fitness goal lists.

Whether you were blessed with a naturally sexy backside or are working to achieve the shape you want, some targeted workout tips will have you feeling strong, sexy, and confident in no time, while also helping to maintain those results.

Squat Challenge

Simple, yet effective, squats are a key element in toning your legs and behind. If you are just starting to work out with squats, try to practice in front of a mirror or with your chest close to a wall to ensure you focus on form. Your knees should bend to a 90-degree angle with your chin up, back straight, and shoulders and hips aligned. Challenge yourself for 30 days, committing to adding more reps each week or doing them more regularly as you gain strength. If you experience any knee pain, stop immediately.

Leg Raises and Lunges

Follow the advice of Instagram’s best booty accounts: Lunges and leg raises target those stubborn areas at the back of the leg that can detract from a toned bottom. Similar to our advice on squats, challenge yourself to 30 days of increased reps to keep your body challenged. Again, it’s best to do them in front of a mirror so you can keep an eye on your form at all times.

Take the Stairs

When work and life get hectic, it can seem impossible to squeeze in even a 30-minute workout. Look for ways to make your regular lifestyle more active, starting with choosing to take the stairs over the escalator or elevator. When you can fit in a workout, drills on stairs in fitness and public facilities are a great cardio and toning exercise to substitute heading to the gym.

Complement Your Workout with a Non-Surgical Treatment

While diet and exercise will help to keep you fit and healthy, lax skin, cellulite, and stretch marks simply can’t be resolved with squats or stairs. That’s where non-surgical aesthetic treatments can help. For example, a body shaping treatment can add an extra sculpting effect by smoothening cellulite and shaping the leg and hip area to show off the results for which you’ve worked so hard for! If you’re worried about sagging skin, a skin tightening treatment can tone your buttocks and thighs.

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