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All About Serums

All About Serums

The serum has quickly moved from a buzzed about product to a staple hero item.

Discover what makes a serum so powerful, and how the latest breed of serums delivers multiple skin benefits.

What is a serum?

Traditionally, a serum provides a concentrated form of one active ingredient to target a unique skin concern. For example, a serum may contain one form of Vitamin C, to provide a boost to your regular skincare regime. In the past, serums were often a tacky and unpleasant consistency, or intolerable for sensitive skin. Luckily, beauty technology has come a long way!

What skin concerns can a serum address?

Serums can target the three main skincare concerns: aging, pigmentation, and acne. Venus Skin currently has a line-up of 5 unique serums, each containing multiple active ingredients, and when used in combination (3 serums formulated per skincare kit), they not only deliver targeted benefits, but work synergistically to improve the overall complexion.

Venus Skin serums

Our serums are a blend of multiple active ingredients that work synergistically. In a lotion format, these serums are more wearable than traditional formulas, without causing sensitivities. You can wear Venus Skin serums under your usual makeup application, as they absorb into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface.

Why are the Venus Skin Serums kept separately?

Venus Skin serums are scientifically formulated to be ‘cocktailed’ or mixed together at the point of application. The active ingredients in each serum react to deliver results. By keeping the serums separate, rather than combining at the packaging stage, the active ingredients can remain stable in their most potent form, until they are applied. This way, the reaction effect happens on your skin, rather than in the bottle, to give you the most effective results.

What happens when they are combined?

We like to refer to the cocktail method as two levels of synergistic behaviour. Before you reach for a chemistry textbook, let’s break it down. Each serum contains multiple active ingredients, rather than the traditional formulas of a single ingredient. Each kit is designed to cocktail 3 serums together, to achieve multi-benefit results in treating each skin concern. Read more about the firming, redness reducing, collagen production, cell renewal, and skin soothing benefits Venus Skin serums can deliver:

Can the Venus Skin serums be used outside of a kit – without the cleanser and hydrator?

Venus Skin kits are designed as a regime for optimal results, including a cleanser and hydrator to accompany the serums. You can mix and match serums from different kits if your skin concerns change throughout the season.

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