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Movember: Grooming Guidelines for Facial Hair


Movember is here, which means it’s time to…well, do what, exactly?

If you haven’t heard, “Movember” is actually “Men + November,” a month in which men grow out their mustaches in an effort to raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

It’s a worthy cause. But needless to say, some mustaches will look better than others. And since it’s already “Movember,” we thought there would be no better time to give some grooming guidelines for your facial hair that will keep you looking sharp, work-appropriate, and always masculine.

  • Don’t give up: Many men attempt to grow facial hair for a mere week or two, are unsatisfied with the results, and never allow their beard or mustache to grow and thicken out. Don’t give up! It’s Movember, after all—there’s a purpose behind the mustache. You’d be surprised at how much your facial hair can improve over time, so commit to the full month of November.
  • To avoid itching, apply moisturizer. Many people struggle with itchy facial hair as it grows in—and many of these same men have never applied moisturizer to their face. Irritation and dryness often go hand in hand, so keep your face well-moisturized throughout the month. Conditioning your facial hair along with your head hair while in the shower can also help.
  • Try beard oil. Many men recommend beard oil for keeping the beard soft and hydrated—and thus less irritating.
  • Don’t let it get too wild. Don’t be a “neckbeard.” You still have to go to work every day in November. So grow your facial hair out consciously, taking steps to trim and shave the areas where it looks a little too wild. The bottom of the neck and around the jaws are prime places to keep trim and neat. Precision shavers like a safety razor can be ideal for keeping your beard or mustache in check.

We should also mention that the interaction of facial hair and skin is inevitable, so you should take active steps to ensure your skin is healthy before you start. We recommend a Venus Viva treatment to make your skin healthy and smooth—and ready for Movember.

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