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Dazzle The Room with Venus Swan


Whether you are staying in town or jet setting off for an exotic holiday, ladies and gents all want to look their absolute best.

For bikini bods and shirtless enthusiasts, the Venus Swan™ tightens and smooths the appearance of your legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms for your inaugural beach reveal. The treatment is equally as effective for stubborn cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks.

Make a dazzling entrance in your sparkling gown or tailored suit this holiday season. Lift and tighten your neck, jaw line, eyes and brow area. Smooth away creases and imperfections. Enjoy the added bonus of the treatment—an all over luminous glow.

Venus Swan™, a pain-free radio-frequency technology penetrates into multiple layers of the skin increasing collagen through thermal action. Many of our clients enjoy the dulcet warmth of the non-invasive procedure and our technology allows for quick results and zero down time.

Give yourself the gift of renewed confidence, beauty and vitality. Transform yourself with the Venus Swan.

For a flawless holiday face, checkout the Venus Viva™ and Venus Skin™.

Take the first step towards feeling great!

Find a certified Venus Treatments provider near you today who specializes in today’s top aesthetic medical solutions.



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