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    Today, our way of life has lead to increasing problems like overweight and obesity. Proper diet and exercise are the main ways to reduce weight. For super obese even surgery is indicated to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated. Chungath Clinic gains relevance as the best NON-SURGICAL LIPOSUCTION TREATMENT CENTER in Kerala with minimal side effect as no surgery or anaesthesia is used in the treatment.With our advanced technology and quality treatments,you can become slim by the removal of fat from your saddle bags,love handles and double chin.The treatment also allows removal of wrinkles,stretch marks and dark circles around the eyes.The technology also helps to remove the cellulite which is difficult to remove with good exercise and diet.


    Our mission is to help people to maintain a healthy body and to regain their beautiful appearance through our modernised treatments.


    Our vision is to provide the best technology and quality at reasonable rates to the patients.


    i-Lipo uses low level laser (650 nm) for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction and body shaping treatments. The laser creates pore in the fat cells and helps release fat into the lymphatics and then into the blood stream. Around 1 hour exercise is required after each sitting lasting 20-40 min. A total of 8 sittings are required over 1 month for the effective reduction. The US Food and Drug administration has approved the i-Lipo from 2012.


    This is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells by controlled cooling to negative temperature. This will lead to non – invasive localised reduction of fat under the skin. The body slowly removes the destroyed fat cells. 20% of fat under the skin is removed after 3-4 sittings in a particular area over 3-4 months. The cryo lipolysis technology has been approved by US Food and Drug administration from September 2010.



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