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    About Adler Facial Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Stephen Adler’s philosophy regarding facial plastic surgery relies in the fact that “Plastic Surgery is intended to make people look natural, refreshed and not artificial”.

    The face is three-dimensional structure where contours and natural lines must be carefully evaluated, respected and preserved. This three-dimensional approach allows for a comprehensive and complete treatment, which involves options in volume enhancement, skin resurfacing and tightening/lifting procedures.

    Our goal is to provide a highly selective and individual approach, while prioritizing procedures, “To do the least amount of procedures to achieve the best possible results”.Avoiding unnecessary procedures is of utmost importance.The consultation visit provides an educational experience, which empowers patients to make well-informed decisions about the treatment options available.

    When you leave the plastic surgery office you will look the best, natural, refreshed, and youthful, with results that… “Every One Will Notice, but No One Will Know”.


    I would only trust Dr Adler.Stephanie
    Dr. Adler is an amazingly talented physician with a caring bedside manner. You can trust him to bring out the natural beauty in your face.Desiree
    He is amazing. And the staff and facility are first class.Carol



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