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    About Arbutus Laser Centre

    The Arbutus Laser Centre is a state-of-the-art laser and skin surgery facility located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

    We perform a full range of cosmetic laser procedures, treat a variety of skin lesions, and other conditions such as snoring and nasal stuffiness, with the help of sophisticated technology. Our staff of fully trained medical professionals will provide you with the highest standard of care in a confidential non-hospital environment.

    We are proud to be celebrating our 20th year of operation in Vancouver!


    I have been to countless laser centres around Canada. When I was travelling I had to go to different types of laser places and none of them gave me results. After only 4 treatments on an area my hair is gone. My hair never stopped growing back after going to other laser centres because the majority of them use IPL laser which is not a proper laser machine for hair removal. Arbutus laser uses the most modern and up to date lasers for whatever treatment you need. The service is also outstanding. I've never been more pleased. Natalie G.
    I've been to several regular dermatologists as well as cosmetic ones and I have to say that Dr. Boey is a rare find. He patiently, kindly and intelligently responds to all of my questions (once an entire page!), in addition to really listening. He has even called me twice at home to answer more of my questions! I have never felt rushed, have never been upsold and have always been treated with genuine attentiveness. I also feel that he really knows his stuff and works ethically within his practice. I have been told by a couple of the top dermo's that I should get IPL and fraxel, to help with my melasma. He is the only one who steered me away from these treatments, explaining that in 75% of cases, these lasers make melasma worse. He has addressed my concerns about laser treatments worsening my skin by offering me patch tests first rather than pushing me into treatment. He has been honest, kind and realistic, which has definitly helped earn my trust. Thanks Dr. Boey!



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