Hydrated Skin, Your Secret to Fall Beauty!

Hydrated Skin, Your Secret to Fall Beauty!

Fall is here, where has that healthy glow you’ve been enjoying all Summer gone? No more silky, flawless complexion as the cold temperatures creep in, and your skin cries out for additional hydration. Cold winds outdoors and heated air indoors leave it looking dull and dry.

Just a few extra steps in your skin care routine will quickly correct the effects of dehydration and restore its youthful glow.

Tip # 1 – It can be tempting to use hot water to escape the season’s chills. Avoid the extreme heat in favour of cooler showers to give your skin a break from dehydration.

Tip # 2 – Exfoliation is key. Use a delicate hand or electrical facial brush with a high quality exfoliator that contains round micro-beads only (other shapes of beads can puncture your skin). Perform one – two times per week. This simultaneously deep cleans pores while ridding your face, neck and chest of dead skin cells.

Tip # 3 – Sometimes home skin care requires supplementation. Visit a Venus Certified Provider for a Venus Treatment to smooth those fine lines, wrinkles and achieve a glowing, more contoured complexion. Enquire about our upcoming skincare line, Venus Skin suitable for any lifestyle.

Unleash your inner glow this Fall with Venus!

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