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    About Sono Bello Body Contour Centers LLC - Beverly Hills

    Sono Bello was created with the knowledge that it takes experience AND focus to be the best at anything. And when it comes to your body you should be confident that you are in the most qualified hands to deliver the care and results you desire. This is why Sono Bello specializes exclusively in awake, laser assisted body contouring using our unique TriSculpt® process.

    Body Contouring (liposuction), like all cosmetic procedures is a combination of skill and artistry with every individual requiring a very personalized approach. Using our TriSculpt® process, we tailor your procedure to you, your unique needs, and your personal desires, helping you achieve your specific beauty goals.

    Through our dedication and focus Sono Bello has become one of America’s fastest growing and largest liposuction specialists. Our highly trained physicians (35 and counting) have performed over 18,000 procedures to date. We feel this singular focus will provide you the best patient experience and outcome. Our state of the art facilities are all fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, the organization that requires rigid compliance with nationally recognized standards of patient care and safety.

    Although we have helped thousands of men and women achieve their new look, we pride ourselves in working with each patient on a personal level so you don’t get lost in the crowd. This is exemplified by the patient testimonials highlighting the life changing nature of our TriSculpt® process. Please take time to read their motivational stories.

    We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the body reshaping results you have always wanted.


    I am very pleased with my surgery and the staff at the sono bello office in Tacoma, Washington they were very helpful nice and answered all my questions. They also were very concerned after surgery they called and check to see how I was doing.. I would highly recommend you guys to my friends and family Tareesa
    Sono bello of San Diego is amazing love my results feel so much comfortable with my self had a fast recovery and quick results just need to go back to finish up my last procedure super excited to see the full results staff is really friendly makes you feel Real comfortable I would still recommend this place.Shelley



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