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    About Khan Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Farah Naz Khan is a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas. She performs a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including the 24 hr. recovery breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, body contouring, facial surgery, and breast reconstruction.

    Dr. Khan regularly attends national Plastic Surgery meetings and strives to provide her patients with the safest and most up to date surgical and non-invasive techniques. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). You will find her to be compassionate and understanding with an eye for detail. Dr. Khan will take as much time as you need to educate you on all aspects of a surgical and/or noninvasive procedure including benefits, risks, and complications. She knows that every patient is unique and has their own needs and will work with you to determine what is best for you!


    Dr. Khan is INCREDIBLE! From the moment you meet her, you are immediately put at ease. She is so easy to talk to... Dr.Khan listens to your concerns, your needs and your thoughts. She never made me feel rushed or that my concerns/questions were silly (as with other cosmetic surgeons I have met with). I always, ALWAYS feel comfortable talking with Dr. Khan. She also has exceptional bed-side manner. She makes it clear (and shows it!) that she is committed and concerned for you from the time you consult with her until weeks and months after surgery. I have also received BOTOX® injections (for about two years now) and a facial chemical peel (one appointment every four weeks for six months) from Dr.Khan. I could not be more satisfied and pleased with the results of these procedures, as well. Dr. Khan is simply the BEST at what she does. She has incredible precisio n, is extremely knowledgeable and has her patients best interest at heart. I would trust her 110% for any cosmetic procedure she offers. You will not be disappointed. Dr. Khan is, without a doubt, my cosmetic surgeon for LIFE!ES, Corsicana TX
    I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Khan. It’s important for me in a doctor to have someone you feel comfortable talking with, and Dr. Khan definitely fits that bill – never seems rushed or unwilling to answer questions. I know this shouldn’t matter, but she also just comes off as a really cool person. I just feel completely comfortable with her, like I’m talking to a peer who just also happens to be a super educated and accomplished surgeon. I’m even more pleased than I had hoped possible with the results of my surgery and the 24-hour recovery is definitely not a myth. I would recommend this practice to anyone!SB, Irving TX



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