Interventional Pain Management

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    About Interventional Pain Management

    Interventional Pain Management is a medical specialty dedicated to the management of pain primarily via interventional techniques. Such may include epidurals, discogram, discectomy, infusion therapy, prolotherapy, sympathetic blocks, platelet-rich plasma therapy, lysis of adhesions, facets blocks, single shot and continous nerve blocks, ultrasound -guided injection, muscle relaxant toxin injections, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulation, vertebroplasty, khyphoplasty, intrathecal pumps.

    Treatment varies with the types of chronic pain: neuropathic nociceptive, inflammatory, pain associated with psychogenic factors, functional pain, central pain, non-neuropathic /non-inflamatory pain.

    About Dr. Pompy

    Dr. Pompy earned his "MD" degree from the New-York Medical College; an MBA from the University of South Florida; an MS from Madonna Universiy; an MSF from Walsh College, and a bachelor degree in Biomedical Medical science from the City College of the City University System of New-York City.

    Dr.Pompy is a board Certified anesthesiolgist ( ASA) with subspecialty board in Pain Management.


    Dr Pompy goes over and beyond on helping those with difficult illness. I have CRPS and he has help bring me along in my illness to places other doctors could not. He also studies under doctor Hicks for this illness from the Cleveland Clinic and he is not afraid of you bringing in information about your illness. He doe not give up on you and he does understand that CRPS spreads.TY Doc for being here for me the last four years. Yes he has many patients because he is good at what he does but when it is your turn he listens to you. I have been to many doctors and I would wait my turn gladly to see doctor Pompy. I trust him with my care. He has not ever lead me wrong.Maria G.
    I love Dr.Pompy he has helped me overcome alot of pain issue's besides his great bedside manners! He is truly one if not the best Dr. they have in monroe if it weren't for Dr. Pompy I don't think I'd be here...staff is great they will help with anything you have going on always thier to help out.....Thank you Dr.Pompy for everything! Oh I wish they would let you know they read this tho so we don't think his staff don't care!!!!♡Nola Y.



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