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    About David N. Sayah MD, FACS

    Dr. David Sayah is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who specializes in natural plastic surgery results. His practice is devoted to providing excellent care using innovative techniques in plastic surgery such as endoscopic breast augmentation, state-of-the-art lasers and minimally invasive facelifts. He believes that a healthy lifestyle involves diet, exercise and preventive medicine including professional skincare treatments.

    This multidisciplinary approach involves using an in-house internal medicine physician, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and lifestyle coach who, together with Dr. Sayah, develops programs that reveal total beauty and health in patients. Dr. Sayah's experienced concierge staff address all patient needs, including travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and shopping through collaborations with the finest hotels, stores and fitness facilities in Los Angeles.

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    Dr. David Sayah is a reconstructive and plastic surgeon that men and women have come to trust for the ultimate in beauty. With a cutting edge boutique approach towards patient care, his philosophy towards attaining a more beautiful and youthful life is a complete one involving diet, exercise, preventive healthcare and skincare. His reputation has earned him many significant, exclusive affiliations. Centre Epiderme, his medical skincare facility, is renowned for innovative non-surgical treatments. He has partnered with well-known fitness facilities in Los Angeles and has relationships with the finest hotels and stores in the city. His staff addresses all patient needs, including travel arrangements, hotel reservations, shopping, nutritional concerns and individualized athletic training.

    Molding the Surgeon

    Dr. Sayah has a distinguished academic career. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at UCLA with numerous honors. Remaining at the UCLA School of Medicine, he graduated among the top of his class with an honors thesis in surgery. He was asked to deliver the prestigious "Hippocratic Speech" at graduation. Dr. Sayah then specialized in General Surgery at the NYU Medical Center with extensive experience in trauma and critical care. He completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery training at the UCLA Medical Center, the premier plastic surgery training program in the U.S. Endoscopic plastic surgery became his forte after a fellowship in this highly specialized field.

    Dr. Sayah is a staff member of UCLA, Saint John's, and Cedars Sinai Hospitals. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

    The Cutting Edge

    Dr. Sayah has performed extensive research in the field of wound healing and scar formation. He developed a specialized treatment method for abnormal scar formation and continues to apply this knowledge in treating difficult scars. He uses advanced endoscopic techniques to minimize incisions while shortening recovery time and maximizing results.

    Not Just a Plastic Surgeon, an Artist

    Dr. Sayah is an oil painter and sculptor who practices medicine as a science and an art. Ethnic ideals of beauty are considered in procedures in order to achieve natural beauty. Instead of simple liposuction, he performs liposculpture, makes lines and creases disappear with dermal fillers, and sculpts a breast where there is none present as part of breast reconstruction after cancer..

    With the goal of achieving natural results in plastic surgery, his skill attracts international celebrity patients and press from all over the globe, including London, Paris, Monaco, Italy, China, the Middle East, Japan, Russia, and Australia.


    I've never been to a Doctor's office where I feel so welcome. The staff is so nice and Yvonne always greats me by name and with a warm smile. Doctor Sayah is incredible. I came to him to have a cancerous mole removed from my cheek. It was in a very conspicuous part of my face so I was concerned about scarring. Dr. Sayah assured me he would do his best to leave as minimal scar as possible. The procedure itself was painless and Dr. Sayah's caring attitude and kind demeanor was very calming. The result is amazing, the tiny scar is almost invisible and when I tell people I had surgery on my face they can't believe it. Months later I went back to Dr. Sayah to have another mole removed and had the same exceptional experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Sayah for his kindness, professionalism and incredible skill.Jeannie R.
    Between us girls we call it 'the happiest place on earth'. Yvonne, Dr. Sayah's concierge, is divine; creating a warm and welcoming reception. 'The doctor will see you now' are the sweetest when coming from her lips. Dr. Sayah is a great listener so don't be afraid to tell him your concerns or ask questions. Do what makes you happy and he will guide you through your procedures.Wendy K.
    Dr Sayah is an incredible surgeon and I'm so thankful that I found him. Every aspect of my experience with him from my first consultation through my one month post op visit has been excellent. His office is gorgeous, clean and comfortable. His staff are ALL friendly and helpful (shocking for LA) and he is not only a talented surgeon- but an absolute gem of a man.

    I needed a breast revision surgery due to a deflated implant and a past botched breast augmentation from a surgeon in FL. He met with me 4 different times to discuss how he planned to correct the damage and to make sure he understood my desired results for size, shape, slope, etc. Dr. Sayah listened very carefully to every one of my requests and I ended up with the most beautiful, soft, perfect breasts that I've dreamed about for the past 10 years (since I had my botched surgery). They look so natural (yet perky) that people who don't know me assume that they are real!! I could not be happier. In addition to my new breasts, I feel like my husband and I have gained a new friend. Dr. Sayah was so kind, patient, and genuinely caring throughout the entire process. He has exceeded all of my expectations.

    I also wanted to note that I am terrified of going under general anesthesia and having surgery in general. But Dr. Sayah's anesthesiologist and OR were a dream! The anesthesiologist took her time to speak with me about my fears, history, health background and we agreed on a very light approach - I'm not exactly sure what she did- but I woke up feeling great and I didn't feel out of it or sleep the entire day after surgery - like I have done in the past. And his OR isn't the usual scary, fluorescent lights, tiled floored, huge room with a ton of medical equipment like all the other OR's I've seen. I can't really describe what I liked so much about it - but It was cozy with natural light and put me at ease as soon as I walked in. It seemed like a perfect place to take a nap:)

    If you are on the fence about whether or not to have surgery with Dr. Sayah- I hope this pushes you to go for it. I'm so happy I chose him and I know you will be too. He deserves way more than 5 stars in my book!Kristin B.

    I really must say that Dr. David Sayah is a remarkable doctor in every way.

    My son had an emergency infection in his hands; I took him to the dr, and they wanted him to see a specialist, but it was 3pm on a Friday and no one had an opening... except for Dr. Sayah. Dr. Sayah had already left, but CAME BACK to the office to see my son. He explained calmly and patiently to my freaked-out teenager that hand infections are very serious and why, and explained exactly what he was going to do. He gave him an antibiotic (telling him to fill this at the Rite Aid across the street and start it immediately) and said if it hadn't improved, to call him. It was Yom Kippur starting at sundown and yet he had come back to the office, and even more remarkably, said he would keep his cell phone on for my son.

    My son's infection did not improve, and so, Dr. Sayah then CAME IN ON SUNDAY morning to see my son--I've never seen anything like it! Amazing! He gave my son a more powerful antibiotic -- and then to our even greater disbelief, came in before his practice opened on Monday morning to perform surgery on my son's hands. I have never, in all my life, met such a dedicated and outstanding doctor. He also came in every morning that week, before his practice opened, to dress my son's wounds. He also spoke kindly and with great involvement to our son.

    The hands healed almost without a trace of a scar, with complete use of the muscles--no complications at all. As impressive as we found Dr. Sayah to be as a highly skilled surgeon, what really knocked us out was his great kindness, dedication, and unparalleled sense of responsibility to his patients.

    The office staff is also very kind, and very attentive; and the offices themselves are lovely.

    In sum, I am extremely impressed with Dr. Sayah and am very grateful to him for everything he did to help us and our son.Trudy P.



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