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    About Brockville Cosmetic Skin Clinic

    Brockville Cosmetic Skin Clinic is known for physician-directed image control and age defence.

    Dr. Steyn brings current and up to date non-surgical medical cosmetic procedures to Brockville. To image conscious cosmetic patients in Brockville and area, cosmetic procedures must be convenient and absolutely discreet.

    If you’re like most cosmetic patients, you like to be in control and know about your choices. You appreciate your privacy. How you maintain your image is your secret.

    Taking control means first becoming knowledgeable about the choices and advantages of different cosmetic procedures.

    When you make an appointment with Dr. Steyn, only you and she know what you are discussing. You'll meet in a family medical practice and enjoy a bright, upbeat and artistic ambiance.

    Dr. Steyn will give you her honest, professional opinion. You'll receive a generous amount of counseling around safety, discomfort, recovery, and cost associated with the procedure. The emphasis will be on natural looking, subtle, progressive and age-appropriate results. Be assured that you will not be "encouraged" to have procedures.

    Brockville cosmetic patients do not need to travel to Kingston or Ottawa for completely discreet cosmetic procedures.

    Please note that all consultations and injectable cosmetic procedures are physician handled by Dr. Mariette Steyn. Dr. Steyn's commitment is to educate and to create gently evolving image control and age defence.

    You'll want to ask Dr. Steyn specifically about non-surgical body contouring and how that will help to enhance your appearance.



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