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    About Atlanta Vein Specialists

    Atlanta Vein Specialists provides comprehensive therapeutic and cosmetic care for all aspects of venous disease. Whether you are considering the removal of spider veins for cosmetic reasons or experiencing more advanced symptoms of venous disease such as pain, swelling, fatigue, or skin changes, you will benefit from a consultation to discuss the options available to you.

    Our highly qualified staff is headed by Dr. Chalam Mahadevan who has over 20 years of surgical experience. He is Board Certified in both General and Cardiothoracic Surgery, and is an Accredited Certified Vascular Technologist and Registered Vascular Physician Interpreter.

    An ultrasound scan is the key diagnostic tool in evaluating a patient with suspected venous disease. As an Accredited Certified Vascular Technologist and a Registered Vascular Physician Interpreter, Dr. Mahadevan is able to perform and interpret ultrasound scans. You are able to receive the ultrasound results immediately from Dr. Mahadevan who will recommend a treatment plan and perform any procedures that may be necessary. Dr. Mahadevan’s personalized service, beginning with the initial consultation, is what makes Atlanta Vein Specialists so special with its patients.

    Utilizing clinically proven, minimally invasive laser technology, we provide safe and effective treatment with minimum down time. Most patients resume normal activity within 24 hours. Procedures are done in an elegant outpatient setting while maintaining the surgical standard of care found in major hospitals.

    In addition to using the latest laser technology for our procedures, Atlanta Vein Specialists is a green office utilizing electronic medical charts since its inception. Electronic medical records are the future and we are already there!

    Most procedures are covered under existing health plans and we accept all major medical plans, including Medicare. Part of our personalized service, is obtaining pre-certification from your insurance provider.

    Healthy, attractive legs make a difference. Let us help you improve your comfort and confidence.

    Testimonials Offered at Atlanta Vein Specialists

    From my first visit on to the last follow up procedure, I felt extremely good taken care of Dr. M and his staff competent, polite, and friendly throughout the whole treatment-procedures. Besides all this, the treatments I received showed immediate improvements and I only can recommend Dr. M to anyone who is in need of vein surgery. Thanks again to Dr M. and his whole team at Atlanta Vein Specialists.

    F. Augustin

    I am very happy with my treatments. My legs feel a whole lot better, and it's a relief to know that blood is getting back to my heart instead of hanging around in my legs. Dr. M would always follow up to see how I was doing. The staff is excellent: very friendly and professional! I am not saying that I hope you have trouble with your veins just so you could come here, but I almost could!

    Mark Gregg

    I have nothing but praise for Vein Specialists: Dr. M and team. I have had multiple procedures since my early twenties on my veins. I came to Dr. M and immediately knew Vein Specialists were indeed, special. The staff is very professional, thorough and friendly. My appointments were met on time. Dr. M goes out of his way to create a caring atmosphere. He is knowledgeable and quite humorous as well. The procedures were quick and virtually painless. It has been almost a year since my procedures and I have not had one single problem. I highly recommend Dr. M and his team for anyone suffering with venouous disease.

    T. Wichman



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