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    Beauty is a very important asset for awnita to bolster confidence. Therefore Mirsya Ramadhani provide a place for all people to maintain their beauty by establishing La Donna.

    La donna itself was founded in 2003, initially La Donna just opened a business service beauty salon, and hair care. One of the flagship product in La Donna time it was a hair grower is “Irawan Oil”. Irawan oil is a product of the fastest hair growth in Asia and never get a record muri. Along with the positive response from the people who become customers at La Donna, then Mirsya Ramadhani as the founder of Ladonna Beauty Centre. Expand its business in the field of skin care.

    Skin healthy and well groomed to be the desire of every individual, therefore Mirsya Ramadhani improve service and product care with medical standards. to realize these desires above the La Donna Dermatology formation using the best and custumized arranged for each patient. Where each individual has a characteristic skin is different, so each requires a different skin care. Along with the development of technology, the beauty of La Donna Beauty Centre improve the quality of service to patients with bertansformasi be an aesthetic clinic, which changed its name into La Donna Aesthetic Centre.

    We understand that La Donna Aesthetic Centre has a fairly high mobility of patients in which our patients one of which comes from the artists, businessmen and socialites. By applying strict SOP medical standards and professionalism, we are committed to give the best service to patients in our clinic. Because beauty, beauty and health is an invaluable treasure.



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