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    About Evolve Skin Clinic


    Has been established for over 20 Years in Westhoughton. The Proprietor Vicky Kennedy opened the salon as New Woman at age 19. In later years New Man was made an addition due to an increased male clientele.

    During the last ten years Vicky has advanced the clinic into Laser /IPL treatments for Hair removal,Thread veins and overall redness, Age Spots, Acne,Pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. Evolve is also a Paramedical skin clinic with DANNE MONTAGUE KING (www.dmk-uk.com) solving mostly all skin problems or age concerns.

    Vicky is an advanced Electrologist, not only for the removal of hair but for Advanced Cosmetic procedures to remove Milia / Skin Tags / Blood Spots / Red Veins / Different ypes of Warts / Age Spots and many more skin concerns (www.sterex.com).

    The clinic performs LASER TEETH WHITENING with supervision by our Resident Dentist Dr Lee Whittle .Dr Whittle holds a Facial Aesthetique inject-able practice at Evolve and has been with us for many years now.

    Dr Clare Conlon MBChB,FRCA holds a Microsclerotherapy practice at Evolve(www.drconlon.co.uk) this is for the treatment of Leg Veins. Absolutely amazing results. Dr.Conlon is also introducing derma Roller to our extensive list of advanced treatments. Derma Roller treats stretchmarks, lines, wrinkles and scarring and is best used in conjunction with Danne.

    With a growing client base we have now also opened a Second EVOLVE clinic on Chorley Old Road Bolton at The Conservatory, a Hairdressing Salon that has also been established for over 20 Years by Bernie Peter. The SPA has undergone a fabulous refurbishment. Evolve is to the back of the Conservatory where you will find our impressive entrance and staircase to our beautiful clinic.

    Vicky Kennedy has recently been awarded ,The achievement of excellence from DMK ! Best Practitioner North West.

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    Sally Knowles is my Clinic Manager and has been with me for 6 years. Sally specializes in Colonic Hydrotherapy. She is a member of ARCH UK. Sally has been qualified for 23years and 8 years for colonics.

    Although the most advanced clinic within your area ,we excel in our essential beauty treatments and there standards, both in lasting results for you and with standards of hygiene to protect you the client.


    I first saw the advertisement for Evolve in a magazine whilst waiting for an appointment with the local chiropodist. I slowly and quietly tore out the page! Well we’ve all done it. This was my last hope.
I was suffering, so I thought, from excessive thread veins on my face. Coming out of the cold into a warm room would make my face become very red and inflamed. The many cosmetics bought over the years, (I am now in my 60’s) have cost me a fortune. Each jar, believing this was miracle cream to reduce redness, creams to cover veins, creams, oils and rose water (very expensive) all to no avail. You were my last hope.
My appointment was made with you at Evolve. At this point I had started declining social events, making excuses so I didn’t have to go. My face looked like the rising sun and lipstick merged into my face. I was becoming a recluse! At the consultation you told me not only do I have severe red veins but also acute rosacea, (my medical book says rosacea, after a period of time becomes permanent) and has to be treated before we deal with the veins.
I left your consultation room with a bag full of creams and lotions, a list of appointments plus the reassurance within 3 months I will be smiling. Purse a lot lighter I returned home to the question “do you really think this will work?”
Well proof is in the face I see everyday. I am amazed what has been achieved by your treatments and products. The products are used and replaced time and time again. My rosacea ha now disappeared, as long as I keep up with your creams, my veins are virtually gone. A twice a year zap solves the problem.
My life ha completely changed. Confidence is back. I now only have Danne products, foundation (chosen by you) and guess what LIPSTICK. Thank you Vicky, my very best wishes to you from a very grateful client.P.XXXXX
    My daughter Jenny started getting the odd spot at the beginning of her second year at high school (aged 12) and by the end of that school year it had developed into full blown acne! By this time, we had exhausted all the 'off the shelf' products you can buy and decided to seek medical advice. Success!... but, not for long! Jenny was prescribed numerous antibiotics that all worked initially, then it was back to square one (on reflection, this is a good thing, because, as we all know, long term antibiotics are not good for you). Another year passed and our GP referred us to a Dermatologist at the local hospital, but unfortunately the treatment didn't work. If you are a mum with a teenager going through this, or indeed, going through it yourself, you can appreciate how we were getting desperate at this stage, so desperate in fact, that we even considered Roaccutane, but we really didn't want to go down that path, due to the side effects.
We kept scouring the internet, but in vain, and I was getting increasingly concerned, as I could see my daughter's self esteem was getting lower and lower.
THEN.... I happened to mention it to my hairdresser and she suggested trying Vicky. As you can imagine, I was very sceptical, because there are a lot of claims out there about 'curing' acne, but of course, a lot of them are simply not true. Jenny was now 15 and becoming extremely self conscious, so I thought, why not give it a go?
Somewhat reluctantly, we both went along for Vicky's first consultation. She did a thorough assessment and explained fully the treatment, the time scales and the commitment required from Jenny. She promised (yes, promised) she could get rid of Jenny's acne, but she couldn't promise that Jenny would never have another spot ... music to our ears! Here was someone, for the first time, giving us the facts, not dressing it up. We were absolutely fine with the odd spot - they are normal and everyone gets them at certain times of their lives for various reasons.
So, we decided to give it a go. As I mentioned earlier, this requires full commitment from you, the client. It's not just a case of going along to Vicky for your treatment, then forgetting about it until the next time. No, it requires dedication to a daily cleansing routine both morning and night, and a weekly deep cleansing routine. To her credit, Jenny followed her routine to the letter (she so wanted this to work) and all the time, had 110% support from Vicky.
I really can't commend Vicky enough on her dedication to her clients. She is not your 9 - 5, she is always at the other end of the phone to give advice and support when needed, goes that extra mile - her customer service is second to none.
In a nutshell, she knows her 'stuff '... what she said would happen - did and just as important, within the time scales she gave.
Finally, As I'm writing this and reflecting, I remember how Jenny would never go out without plastering loads of concealer and foundation to cover up her acne and scarring, but now I'm delighted to say, she hardly wears any make up and just uses it to enhance!

    Thank you VickyMary



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