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Winter Beauty Regimen

Winter Beauty Regimen

It’s official—the seasonal echoes of winter have begun to wreak havoc on our skin.

Below zero temperatures, harsh winds and yes, even indoor heating are all conspiring against our dermis making it dry, cracked and dull.

Your best defense against the elements is some extra TLC to protect your greatest asset from ‘ol man winter.

Sunscreen Even When It’s Cloudy

Here’s a rookie mistake too many of us make during winter.

Just because you can’t see the sun (or feel it for that matter!) doesn’t give you free-license to forget your sun-screen! A daily application of a UVA/UVB broad spectrum of 30 (no more no less!) over your daily moisturizer will help protect your skin long-term against age spots, fine lines and crow’s feet. You should cover any exposed skin and use a protective SPF balm for your lips as well. If you engage in winter sports of any kind—from downhill skiing to hiking this should be considered your winter beauty regimen gospel!

Stop Stripping…Your Skin!

A moisturizing skin-care regimen is essential to helping our already-vulnerable skin during the winter months—but have you checked the labels on your products? Various chemicals and additives can strip your skin of its natural oils that you need more than ever as a barrier against the deep freeze.

Our Anti-Aging Venus Skin™ line is made with the highest quality ingredients for dehydrated, lack-lustre skin. Venus Skin™ contains Sea Fennel, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, contains UV protection, and produces many of the same results as retinol—without any of the negative side effects like burning or redness. The result is refreshed, moisturized skin that feels supple and rejuvenated!

Take the first step towards feeling great!

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