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Turn Heads This Autumn with Sensual Eyes

Turn Heads This Autumn with Sensual Eyes

Autumn has arrived. Lucky for you this season is all about sensual eyes and soft blush lips. You’ve likely seen this sultry look on many of your favorite Hollywood stars giving interviews atop the red carpet. Done right, you’ll feel like one too. First, you’ll want to apply a primer and foundation to clean, dry skin. Then, it’s time to think about the hue you want to highlight your eyes.

Tip #1: The Eyes Have It

Achieving smoky eyes is fairly straightforward and only requires a bold eye pencil and a steady hand on your part. Some attractive shades this season can be achieved with a mahogany, a brown-black, charcoal or even black lapis eye pencil. One of the keys to this look is to blend/ smudge a thickly drawn line just above your lashes with an eye brush to create a smoky finish.

Tip #2 Soft Luscious Lips

Because your eyes will be dramatic it’s best to complete your look with soft lips either in light pink or blush. Soft coral or peach works too. Lips will look best outlined in a slightly darker shade and a gloss is best to complete your look.

Tip #3 Refining Your Look

Makeup alone can’t eliminate fine lines or wrinkles yet non-invasive skin care treatments are lifesavers when it comes to refining your look. There is no better compliment than when a friend you haven’t seen in years tells you how great you look. Gaining a contoured face and full lips are just two reasons to seek age-defying treatments. Flaunting your natural beauty has never been so easy and affordable thanks to Venus Certified Providers in your area.

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