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The Pros and Cons of Trendy Aesthetics Treatments

The Pros and Cons of Trendy Aesthetics Treatments

With medical aesthetics treatments being shared online and across social media much more often now, particularly among influencers and celebrities, it’s easy to fall for all the hype. The question is whether or not all of these trendy aesthetics treatments are really worth the attention they’re garnering. Here, we break down the pros and cons of reaching your aesthetics goals using the latest beauty trends.

The Pros of Trendy Treatments

Promotional Discounts

In some cases, getting in early on new treatments may mean potential discounts. For clinics partnering with social media influencers, discounts may be available using a personal code. Alternatively, providers may not have an extensive collection of before-and-after images for their newest treatments. In order to build out their galleries, they may then offer introductory promotional discounts with the intent to do so. This can certainly be a convincing benefit for those on a limited budget.

Less Risk of Outdated Protocols

There’s something to be said for tried-and-true treatment devices, but a clinic’s openness to add new and trendy treatments to its aesthetics services menu may also be a sign that they are diligent in maintaining their equipment. This may not always be the case though, so a proper consultation appointment in which you can ask all the questions on your mind and properly vet your treatment provider is always necessary. Outdated treatment technology and protocols could mean minimal results for you, but a provider who doesn’t properly research the trendy treatments could be just as useless.

A Boost in Confidence

Do what makes you feel good. Consider if seeking out the trendiest treatments is something that brings you joy and you’re ultimately seeking out treatments that feel right to you. If so, then acknowledge that this is a positive experience and simply ensure you keep this thought at the forefront. Never feel pressured to opt into a trend just because it’s popular right now. Whatever your case may be, simply ensure you’re always seeking out a trusted treatment professional, so you know you’re in good hands even if you’re unsure of the overall effectiveness of the treatment you’re testing out.

Cons to Consider

No One’s an Expert

For the most part, new procedures mean new treatment protocols and technology in which most providers may not be well-versed. Being new to the procedure raises the risk of errors in treatment delivery and perhaps less than the best outcome due to inexperience. Unfortunately, it also means that a provider won’t be able to offer a proven track record of positive results, so be wary of those claiming to be an expert in the trendiest new treatments.

Regret Is Real

It’s entirely possible that the aesthetic a popular treatment offers is considered sexy or trendy now, but may go out of vogue before long. Hair removal below the belt may be one example of personal aesthetic trends that can change a lot over time, while lip injections offering a super plump pout are a more recent example that lost popularity almost as quickly as it had gained it. While trendy treatments may be customized to offer a more tempered outcome, your risk for regret is a real possibility. Rather than opting for popular procedures of the day, opt for aesthetic treatments that are more in line with your personal and long-term aesthetic goals.

Safety May Be Up for Debate

Depending on the technology used and the way in which a treatment is delivered, it might be difficult to really determine whether you’re an ideal candidate or if the technology is safe for you. Some devices pose a greater risk of discoloration to those with darker or tanned skin tones, while others may have contraindications still being studied. Whenever you’re seeking out a new medical aesthetics treatment, it’s imperative to share your medical history with your treatment provider to ensure the treatment delivered is truly safe for you. In some cases, off-label uses of a proven technology can also prove riskier than the standard usage, so it’s important to discern if there may be a difference in outcomes when using a treatment in a non-traditional way.

3 Ways to Ensure You’re Making a Good Choice

If you’re still interested in a trendy aesthetic treatment, consider following these three tips to ensure you’re working with a treatment professional you can trust and that the treatment you’re requesting is right for you. 

  1. Ask Plenty of Questions: Information online may not be plentiful, so it’s important to make a list of questions and have all of them answered in order to make an informed decision. Make sure your provider is answering all your questions in full and if you feel rushed, opt for a different provider who’s willing to take their time.

  2. Consider Online Reviews: Lots of positive online reviews, even if they’re for a different treatment, can help you get a better understanding of a treatment provider’s integrity and professionalism, as well as their dedication to securing positive outcomes, even when trendy treatments perhaps don’t pan out.

  3. Favor Certification: Always opt for a certified treatment professional—particularly one who can easily speak of their ongoing clinical education. The medical aesthetics industry can change a lot in a short time. For this reason, a trusted service provider should be dedicated to keeping up-to-date on those changes, alongside ensuring they’ve kept their equipment and services menu current with the latest in proven aesthetics technology.

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